Thursday, 24th August 2018,
20:30 Hrs (Indian Standard Time)
Update #21

Dear God family, Disciples and Well Wishers of Guru Maharaja,

It’s day 8 after surgery, Guru Maharaja sat for almost 2 hours and was breathing by himself the whole time. His oxygen saturation was good and stable throughout. His blood parameters are steadily settling down and doctors are satisfied with the progress.

Today they fixed a speaking valve to the tracheal tube so Guru Maharaja can communicate easily. Until now his words were just a whisper.

The physiotherapist started a small session today. From tomorrow he will be staying with Guru Maharaja to work on various excercises for muscle building etc.

Today Guru Maharaja jokingly asked where his dhoti, t-shirt and top piece were and said, “I am leaving in 3 hours”.

We are getting very encouraging news from Guru Maharaja but that should not make us complacent with our prayers. We have to continue prayers and send more messages and reports that are the true medicine for Guru Maharaja. Hence, we request you to continue your prayers and intensify the same.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee,
Mahavaraha Das