Tuesday, 21 Aug, 2018
20:30 Hrs. (Indian Standard Time)
Update #18

Dear God-family, Disciples and Well wishers of Guru Maharaja,

Today, Guru Maharaja seemed more tired than yesterday. Yet, he was made to sit on the wheel chair for about 40 mins. He was coaxed to breathe on his own. He did quite well despite the tiredness. Both of Guru Maharaja’s arms were quite swollen. He was made to do hand exercises for which he responded very well. After 40 mins of sitting he was shifted back to the bed.

They are mobilising Guru Maharaja twice a day now. Once in morning and other in evening. They have added milk and fresh orange juices in Guru Maharaja’s diet.

Guri Maharaja is touching everyone’s heart in the ICU. All the staffs are calling him ‘Guru Maharaj’. They are so happy to serve him there knowing he is a big Guru

We read to Guru Maharaja, all mails from his God brothers and senior devotees. He had tears of happiness in his eyes.

Let’s chant and pray sincerely for his speedy recovery so that we will have him guide us for many more years to come. His presence will bring in more souls at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee
Mahavaraha Das