Monday, 20 Aug, 2018
20:30 Hrs. (Indian Standard Time)
Update #17

Dear God-family, Disciples and Well wishers of Guru Maharaja,

Today at around 1.30 pm, Guru Maharaja was mobilized. He has been lying on the bed since 14th August. The plan was to make Guru Maharaja to sit on a chair. His wheelchair had to be used after due sanitization as there was no other alternative.

Guru Maharaja’s matted sikha was done up after applying some coconut oil and a cap was put on top of it. After taking suitable help, Guru Maharaja was made to sit on the wheelchair.

Guru Maharaja was looking much better today. Due to the tracheostomy we were not able to hear him well as he spoke, but tried to make out the most of it by reading his lips and also with the help of alphabetic chart.

While sitting on the wheelchair, Guru Maharaja said, “Now I’m in a most critical period.” We could understand that he wants devotees to really pray to help him come out of this critical situation. He has to work hard to improve the condition of his lungs to be able to breath without the support of the ventilator. His new liver and kidney are functioning well.

He also chanted His Gayatri Mantra mentally since his Brahmin thread was removed during the surgery. We noticed that he had chanted on his clicker.

Although temporarily he is not audible at all, he made some effort to tell us to give a clicker to the female nurse who was on duty and to teach her how to chant on the small clicker. Literally, just five days after such a major surgery and hardly being able to speak, almost inaudible, with barely any energy in the body, here he is preaching to someone. We were amazed!!!

What better addiction can one have other than preaching the glories of the Lord to others.

The female nurse said that she is so fortunate and also mentioned, “I have never seen a transplant patient who is so cooperative as Guruji.” Most of the ICU staff told us that they are frequently googling Guru Maharaja on the internet and listening to his lectures.

We told Guru Maharaja that thousands of devotees, his god brothers and god sisters are praying for him across the globe. All his senior disciples are here in Chennai right from the first day. He thanked them all.

After chanting His Gayatri, he gestured that he was feeling tired. He was sitting for almost an hour. We then shifted him back on the bed. He remains transcendental against all physical odds.

Let’s chant and pray sincerely for his speedy recovery so that we will have him guide us for many more years to come. His presence will bring in more souls at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.

On behalf of Health Team and JPS Seva Committee
Mahavaraha Das