Monday, 27th August 2018,
20:00 Hrs (Indian Standard Time)
Update #24

Dear God family, Disciples and Well Wishers of Guru Maharaja,

Guru Maharaja is stable and alert, sitting for longer periods of time, taking a semi solid diet, communicating via an alphabet chart and asking questions. He is also taking rest and sleeping well.

At the moment there no concerns of infection and no evidence of organ rejection, but the main issue is to wean him off from the ventilator support which may take a few more days. He is still in the ICU.

Meanwhile, efforts are continuing to move Guru Maharaja to a Private Hospital as soon as his medical condition allows.

The intensity of prayers should remain because it is a critical period and until now by the Lord’s mercy we have not had any big hurdles. Let’s pray that this continues all the way until he is fully recovered.

We would like to acknowledge and also request prayers for all the devotees who are working tirelessly, day and night to keep up with the requirements of Guru Maharaja’s situation. Many of them are having sleepless nights, running around to sort things out, providing prasadam for all the devotees, including Guru Maharaja’s personal cooks. Our gratitude also goes to the devotee-doctors and senior devotees from all over the world who are closely monitoring the events, spending hours in meetings, to see that all is going well and addressing any issues that may crop up.

Without this group’s support this would be an impossible task to achieve and of course, the cherry on the top is all your sincere prayers for the benefit of Guru Maharaja’s health.

Please report all prayers and special events organized for our Guru Maharaja’s recovery with photographs on the following website:

On behalf of the Health Team and JPS Seva Committee.
Your servant,
Mahavaraha Das