Sunday, Aug 19th 2018
(20:30 hrs. Indian Standard Time)
Update #15

Dear God Family, disciples and well wishers of Guru Maharaj ,

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Guru Maharaj is still being supported by ventilator for breathing. He is not able to breath on his own as required.

Doctors say that Guru Maharaj doesn’t have enough energy to breathe. The doctors will increase the dosage of his food slowly and this will give him some energy to breathe .Today they started him on small quantity of liquids and slowly in 2-3 days they will give him semi solids. By eating he may slowly gain energy to breathe as required.

Guru Maharaj’s blood pressure, oxygen level and heart rate are normal. They have removed three tubes from GM’s body. His new liver and kidney are doing good so far though the Kidney is still not working optimally. Doctors are expecting that it will be optimised by tomorrow.

He is also developing some bedsore. So his position is being changed, he is being massaged, and patches are being applied to cure him.

As we have emphasised time and again, that post operative recovery period is most crucial. It is very very important that Guru Maharaja is shielded enough to protect him from any infection. As such due to the doses of immuno suppressants, his immunity to fight any infection will be very low.

It is to be emphasised that each one of us pray to the Lord intensely to help Guru Maharaja recover fast and tide through this crucial period with ease.

On behalf of the Health team and JPS Seva Committee
Mahavaraha Das