Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So today is chaturdasi, fourth day of the Bhishma Panchaka. Tomorrow is the last day and after the sun sets, we break our fast. So we hope that all of you have enjoyed the Bhishma Panchaka, by satisfying Krishna, you will automatically be satisfied. Yesterday, I thought that cyclone Gaja had reached but it was a tropical monsoon storm. So there is no more cyclone. Maybe one is forming but so far we did not see it. Here in Tamil Nadu we are getting rain and they need rain, so they are happy. But today my physiotherapist could not come because of the strong rain. So we had to do our workout ourselves. So now we will continue with the Caitanya Book compilation. Lord Caitanya went to Gaya, He got initiated by Ishwara Puri and then now He has come back to Navadvip and He saw Krishna on His way at the Kanainaathshaala. So He was feeling great separation from Krishna. He told the confidential devotees to meet at Shuklambhar Brahmachari’s house and there he had a temple, it was somewhere near the Ganges. So Lord Caitanya, He told them that He had seen Krishna but He lost Him. And He grabbed them by the necks and asked where is Krishna? WHERE IS KRISHNA? Krishna kothaay? And He embraced one of the columns in Shuklambhar Brahmachari’s house. And the column broke down. Lord Caitanya fell down. So like this He was standing up, falling down, crying so intensely that devotees thought the Ganges is flowing here. Lord Caitanya was manifesting the extreme ecstasy of love of Krishna known as Maha bhaav. The devotees seeing Him they also started to cry. He fell down, they fell down. So this went on for 12 hours, early morning to sunset and Lord Caitanya took His leave and went to His house. So devotees they were speechless. Nimai Pandit who was the best logician and not interested in devotional service, now He is a Maha Bhaagavat. He is displaying the highest ecstasy of love of Krishna. So they were amazed, they were spellbound. And they looked at each other but could not speak anything. They went and told all the other devotees. So we are at thatr point when they are telling the other devotees what they experienced.

So all the devotees they were amazed to hear about the wonderful expression of pure love of Krishna. Someone said, “maybe Krishna has manifested”.

Others said, if Nimai Pandit becomes a good devotee then we can cut off the heads of the atheists.

Someone said, “there is no doubt that this is for certain”, and someone said, “by having the association of Ishwar Puri, this has become possible.” Some devotees said, everyone will certainly understand the mystery of Krishna’s unknown pastimes from this Nimai Pandit, there is no doubt about it.

Others said, “by having the association with Ishwar Puri at Gaya, He must have seen the manifestation of Krishna. “

So in this way, the devotees, they discussed with great happiness. Different people said different things and discussed topics about Krishna among themselves.

All of them joined together and offered blessings “Let be, let be. That He be the object of Krishna’s mercy. Let it be, let it be, He truly gets the mercy of Lord Krishna”.

So all the devotees were in great bliss and they began to perform Krishna kirtan in ecstasy. Somebody chants, sings, somebody dances and some cried.

In this way the assembled devotees happily spent their time as the Lord remained absorbed in His own ecstasy.

Vishwambhar when He returned to His external consciousness He went to the house of Gangadas Pandit.

So the Lord, He offered His obeisances at the lotus feet of His teacher. He immediately arose and with respect He embraced the Lord.

So His Sanskrit guru or teacher said “child, glorious is Your life. My dear, Your father’s and mother’s forefathers, have all been delivered by You”.

All of Your students, they only know You as their teacher. They will not open their books even if Lord Brahma told them to do so.

Now that You have returned, You are illuminating the hearts of everyone, giving them transcendental bliss. From tomorrow you should start teaching, today go to Your home.

So after offering His obeisances to His Sanskrit guru He went to the house of Mukunda Sanjay. He was surrounded by His students, like the moon amidst the stars.

The Lord sat down in the house of Mukunda Sanjay within the Chandi mandap where He would normally give His teachings.

So accompanied by His relatives, Mukunda Sanjay who was very pious and his son Purushottam gave great affection to Lord Caitanya. The women started to produce the ulu dhwani, the ululation to greet the Lord. So they were experiencing unlimited happiness.

So the Lord took Purushottam Sanjay on His lap and He embraced him. He drenched Purushottam Sanjay with tears of love from His eyes.

So all the ladies of the household started to give the auspicious sounds, ululation, Haribol! Maybe conch shells, with great transcendental bliss. The transcendental bliss filled the house of Mukunda.

After looking mercifully on everyone, the Lord went to His own house.

After arriving at His house, the Lord He sat at the door of His Vishnu temple. With great affection He bid farewell to all those who were following Him, His students and others.

Everyone who came to greet the Lord were unable to understand His character.

No one could find any of the arrogance that He previously exhibited for His knowledge. Instead He was completely renounced at all times.

Mother Sachi could not understand anything of her Son’s behavior. But she prayed for her Son’s welfare to the Ganges and Vishnu. And she offered puja to Them.

So we will stop here today. Any questions?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
22 November 2018