Question: How we can develop grateful attitude towards immediate temple authorities like temple president, etc. even though they may have many faults and limitations?

Guru maharaj: This is another how to question. We see all good qualities in others and we see the negative qualities in ourselves. Some of the immediate authorities are also giving us devotional service and they are giving us that service to keep us on the spiritual platform. We are not paying them any money. So they are giving us their service freely. So naturally we should be grateful. It is not that we deserve anything. So someone like our immediate. authorities are helping us so naturally we should be grateful.

Question: Guru maharaj could you tell some special pastime of Kolkata Ratha Yatra, as you never missed except this year!

Guru maharaj: One year our Baladev’s ratha wheel broke and in Jagannath Puri also Balaram’s ratha wheel also broke. So when the wheel of Baladev breaks that is considered a sign that there would be a war. That year there was the Desert Storm attack on Iraq by the USA.

Question: I am doing so many services but still my mind is not fixed on Krishna while chanting? Why? What to do?

Guru maharaj: Bring the mind back to Krishna. Again and again. In this way firmly think of Krishna in all paths of life.

Question: How to increase the faith on spiritual master more and more?

Guru maharaj: We cannot see Krishna and He appears externally as the diksha guru or as our shiksha guru. So simultaneously as we think of Krishna we should hear and follow the instructions of guru.

Question: As a grihastha how can we go back to Godhead as we fulfill our responsibilities in this material world?

Guru maharaj: We should do our grihastha duties as a service to Krishna and always keep our mind on Krishna. We should give up bad association. Asat sanga chaada lei vaishnava aachaar. So by getting full….

(The transmission was disrupted as there was no sound for the last four minutes of guru maharaj’s talk. If I get the recording I will send later. Sorry…)

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
18 July 2018