Because the Digvijay was worshipping the energy of the Lord that is why He wanted to smash his pride but did not want him to suffer.

While the Lord was thinking in this way, the night fell and it became dark. The Digvijay arrived there at that spot. So by the side of the Ganges Lord Caitanya was sitting and the Digvijay came to the side of the Ganges.

So this was described by Vrndavandas Thakur in Navadvip previously. And there is no need of studying its good and bad qualities. Because it is glorifying the Lord’s transcendental pastimes and which is clear, direct and need not be analyzed.

So I will speak on that portion and offer my obeisances to Vrndavandas Thakur. The part that the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri heard from Lord Caitanya which made him feel condemned and defeated. So I will try to explain that.

The Bhagirathi Ganges was supremely pure. At the time of sunset, it was the full moon and radiating with beauty over the Ganges.

Lord Caitanya was seated by the side of the Ganges and He was accompanied by His disciples. In the unlimited brahmandas there is no form as attractive as Lord Caitanya’s.

Smiling with a face beautiful like the full moon, with His divine vision and two lotus eyes He was showering His merciful looks.

His teeth were brilliant like white pearls and His lips were pinkish reddish in color, merciful and very soft all over His body which was very delicate.

Now the form of Lord Caitanya is being described. On His head He had a thin waist H like a lion. He had thighs like an elephant. His shoulders were very broad and He was wearing a dress which was very special. He was divine in nature.

His appearance was spiritual and divine, extra ordinary.

His body was very large, His form was divine. His heart was beautiful. He wore the brahmana thread around His shoulder. In this way He was was adorned by Anantadev.

On His forehead He had an attractive tilak and His arms were long, they came down to His knees and they were very beautiful to behold.

He sat with His cloth tied like a sanyasi. He had His right leg over His left thigh and His lotus feet were visible. To see the form of the Lord is something you cannot forget. He is very special, very extraordinary, there is no one as beautiful or attractive as He is.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu, was giving interpretation of the Vedic scriptures. He could take someone’s explanation, argue it, take it and debate it and make it a no, and then everyone would agree that yes, it is a wrong idea. And then he would make the no into a yes. And he would set evidence for all His points. So in this way He would make correct statements seem incorrect and then later on He would make the incorrect statements seem correct.

So His students sat around Him in small groups called as mandalis. There are many mandalis surrounding the Lord. Seeing the Lord surrounded by His students was very beautiful and the whole scene was very attractive.

So on the full moon night the Lord was sitting surrounded by His students. He was sitting on the bank of the Ganges discussing various shaastric points. This was the situation.

Seeing this wonderful scene, the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri became himself a bit astonished. He thought this must be the famous Nimai Pandit.

Staying unannounced from a distance the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri, he simply looked at the beauty of Nimai Pandit. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful situation. Sometimes you call this staring.

The Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri asked one of his disciples, what is the name of that pandit? The disciple replied, His name is Nimai Pandit, the famous Nimai Pandit.

Then the brahmana offered his obeisances to the Ganges and then he came to the assembly of Mahaprabhu and entered into it.

At that time the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri came and he was offering his prayers to the Ganges. Then he met Nimai Pandit, Mahaprabhu.

Seeing him, Mahaprabhu smiled slightly and with respect He offered him a place to sit.

The Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri was very fearless in his debate. When he saw Lord Nimai Pandit, he also felt some fear and hesitation. The Lord has unlimited knowledge, unlimited power, although in kali yuga He does not show all that, one can sense it and the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri, he somehow sensed that here is a very knowledgeable great person.

So the Supreme Lord’s natural potency is like this. Anyone who sees Him will naturally feel some fear. He may not necessarily know why that feeling is there but he feels like that.

There is a Bengali saying, that you don’t attack an enemy if he is holding a stick. If you are empty handed and you attack someone with a stick then you are at a disadvantage. So just like the that when the Lord is in an aggressive mood one feels like that. Keshav Kashmiri had defeated all the pandits and challenged everyone. And also Nimai Pandit but somehow he was feeling a bit apprehensive. However much Keshav Kashmiri knew although he was a wealth of knowledge, but Lord Caitanya is like an ocean of knowledge. So challenging Him is a big problem. So he became frightened.

So they made some small talk just to break the ice between Nimai Pandit and the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri. And the Lord began to inquire from him and the sport began.

So Mahaprabhu, He treated the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri, with great respect, sat him down and He was speaking very nicely. But Keshav Kashmiri being very proud, he talked to Lord Caitanya, Nimai Pandit very inconsiderately. And he was almost insulting Him in a dignified way.

So we will end here tonight. Any questions?

No questions.

Today is the Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi! Haribol! Apparently Bhima told Lord Krishna that keeping track of all the Ekadasis for me is very difficult. Can I not do one Ekadasi heavily which will match for the whole year? So He said that the day before you cannot rest and you do the whole Ekadasi without water, spend the time chanting and praying and doing other things. And then break the fast the next day and that day also you cannot rest till lunch. Usually our devotees they try to do every Ekadasi sometimes they miss one then on Thrayodashi we observe Ekadasi. Otherwise we can do the Nirjala Ekadasi which can catch up for all the Ekadasis of the year a- it is optional. Those who do it we offer them all good luck and all good fortune. Haribol!

There were thousands of devotees chanting. So I logged in and chanted with them a little bit. So it was very nice!


Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
23 June 2018