Nama Om….

I have been getting many reports about the Purushottam month. It seems that most of you are taking advantage of the special mercy. Krishna has declared this month as His month. I was thinking tonight about how Vrndavandas Thakur has said that those who have heard or read the pastimes of Lord Caitanya getting married will go to the spiritual world, Goloka Vrndavan. So Srila Prabhupad, he was so merciful, he brought the message all over the world and instead of just having mundane goals, side by side, he taught spiritual goals. So it is very encouraging to see and we hope that devotees will take advantage of this special mercy that Purushottam month offers. He sees that people have the basic happiness in the material world and afterwards He takes one to Hs spiritual abode. He is known as Dina bandhu, merciful even to the fallen souls. We normally don’t get such mercy but Lord Caitanya He gives out the mercy freely. Hey Dina bandhu! I am still at the Gleneagles Global Health City and all the files of compiling of Lord Caitanya’s book are at the temple. So I will just have some questions and answers. Are there any questions?

Question: Why the demigods were unable to see the pastimes of Lord Caitanya. As you mentioned the pastimes of Lord Caitanya are going on? Where is the specific place where this aprakat lila is going on?

Guru maharaj: The pastimes are held in Navadvip dham and He only comes after Krishna, for 48 years which is not long. And He comes after Krishna. One day of Brahma is a 1000 yugas, a 1000 yugas in the pastimes of Lord Caitanya is a lifetime of Brahma. So within those yugas He is present just for 48 years. There are 14 Manus, 14 Indras one after another they leave, so it is very rare to see the pastimes of Lord Caitanya. When He comes He does not reveal who He is. He is covered by the Mahamaya potency. Although He allows people to see Him, they cannot see Him. So the devas may not see the Lord, He comes and goes so quickly. So at other times He is not visible. So He would be very merciful like the men listening to the class by Advaita Gosain, He made a good point, they would say Haribol Haribol! Lord Caitanya as a child He was playing outside and then He ran, and they said why did you come? Lord Caitanya said you called Me! They said no, no, you didn’t. They had said Haribol, so they had called Him. But they couldn’t recognize who He was. So then He went out to play with the boys. So Lord Caitanya, He came with the Pancha Tattva, and they chanted the Holy Names. People did not realize who He was until later Lord Caitanya was only visible for 48 years. But other avatars stayed longer. But they were visible.

Question: There is a discussion on veganism going on in our local namahatta in Northampton. What is a devotee’s viewpoint on being vegan or not?

Guru maharaj: The vegan point of view is not to take ghee or milk because they say that the cows are mistreated. But it would be ideal that cows are treated nicely. But by allowing the cow milk to be offered to Krishna, the cows benefit. So it would be nice if all cows were taken care of well. But we could try for that. Ahimsa milk or non-violent milk. But cow’s milk produces fine brain power for understanding the spiritual reality. So Srila Prabhupad, he would take cow’s milk and butter, ghee, yogurt and other products of the cow. So we protect the cows and we do not sell the cows. So we can get non-violent milk and give them to dairies who have this type of non-violent milk. Then there is no conflict with cow products. But until then we offer cow’s milk to the deities. Any other question?

Question: What if I cannot take milk due to health reasons? Can I understand the spiritual science?

Guru maharaj: Good luck!

Question: But guru maharaj because of more demand there is more supply for milk and for that they harass cows more!

Guru maharaj: Like at the Bhaktivedanta Manor, they have milk but they don’t sell the cows. So there milk from protected cows. So one can find out the protected cows and buy that milk even if it costs more, it is worth it.

Question: How do we know our progress in spiritual life? How do we make our own depot card?

Guru maharaj: How do we make our own depot card? We look backwards and see how we are escaping from maya. And for advancing, then there should be less maya.

Five minutes.

Question: I am in the Harmony Collective? How can I serve you?

Guru maharaj: (Speaks in Spanish)

Question: How to follow the Krishna conscious process in kali yuga, so difficult?

Guru maharaj: Lord Caitanya gives us some benefits. In kali yuga unless you do something bad you don’t get the reactions. But in other yugas even by thinking you get the karma.

Question: Talking about buffalo milk, it says in India they are producing more of this type of milk. Is buffalo milk healthy?

Guru maharaj: Buffalo milk is dulling for the brain. But makes good yogurt!

Question: Lord Caitanya comes on only day of Brahma. Krishna comes every Dvapara?

Guru maharaj: No, Lord Caitanya may come in some days of Brahma after Krishna. But Krishna only comes once in a day of Brahma. Lord Caitanya, He also comes once but He does not come in every day of Brahma. Out of a thousand yugas 48 years is not much. Last question.

Question: Maybe due to my past karma I am undergoing very hard time in life but slowly losing my spirituality living with materialistic people. So what should be my thought to not lose taste for spirituality?

Guru maharaj: The Upadeshamrita tells that we should avoid bad association and we should take the Krishna consciousness. So don’t have bad association. If we have bad association, then use it for preaching. Don’t associate with them but stay transcendental.

Thank you all very much! Will see you soon! Maybe tomorrow night!

30 May 2018