Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..

So we are compiling the pastimes of Lord Caitanya and we have just reached the wedding of Vishnu Priya. So we will go on.

No harm in reading it again.

So Raj Pandit Sanatan Pandit went to receive Lord Caitanya from the palanquin. He embraced Him again and again. And offered his welcome to the bridegroom. He took Nimai by hand and brought Him to a suitable seat.

When Sanatan Pandit saw Nimai Pandit he became overwhelmed with joy and he showered flowers on Vishwambhar. He forgot himself in the spiritual bliss.

He brought different articles for receiving his son-in-law and it is reported he brought druba grass, paddy (dhanna) and various auspicious articles.

Sanatan Pandit, he offered all respect to his son-in-law. He offered paadhya, aargya, aachamaniya, kaapod (cloth) and ornaments. Paadhya refers to washing the feet. Eight ingredients are offered as aargya – water, milk, khusha grass, yogurt, ghee, rice, barley and white mustard. While aachamaniya refers to water meant for washing the mouth. Water that is pure and devoid of foam that is used to wash the mouth is known as aachamaniya. The Paadhya is the water used to wash the feet. So this ceremonial offering to the Lord was done with all the items.

The wife of Sanatan Pandit also offered her welcome to Vishwambhar. According to the prescribed system, she and other the ladies came up and offered lamps, they offered auspicious articles and so then the Lord was duly received and the wife, husband and everyone participated.

They placed druba grass on the forehead of the Lord and offered Him arati with ghee wicks which included seven aratis or seven wicks.

So the ladies offered ulu dhwani, showered the Lord with puffed rice, paddy, and coins while chanting ulu dhwani. Ulu, ulu… Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

So all the rituals which were current at that time were performed and at this point the Lord was engaged.

At that time, they brought Vishnu Priya to the marriage arena. She was very nicely decorated and she was carried on a seat to the marriage arena.

So Lord Vishwambhar was lifted by His party people and Vishnu Priya she was lifted by her party people and they would see who could lift higher. Sometimes Lord Caitanya was higher, sometimes Vishnu Priya. Lord Caitanya, He smiled to see all this fun.

So when the devotees saw the Lord smiling, they became very enamored. They were happy to see the Lord smiling at this fun. And they became more overwhelmed by the Lord’s reciprocation. After this humorous display, Vishnu Priya, she circumambulated the Lord seven times. Then she offered her obeisances in surrender. So the current practice there was to blindfold the groom and then the bride would circumambulate seven times,

So Vishnu Priya after circumambulating the Lord seven times, she offered her obeisances to Him.

The bride and groom threw flowers on each other and for some time this exchange of flowers was going on. And all the ladies present, they showered flowers on the couple. Then two groups of musicians began to play. So all that could be heard was the musicians and the devotees present were chanting ulu dhwani and prema dhwani. Haribol! Hariiiii bol! Haribol! Hari Hari Hari bol! Haribol! Hariiiiibol!

All the men and ladies on all the sides were chanting glories and triumphant phrase. So this sound vibration was extending all over and it appeared that happiness personified had incarnated. Haribol!

Vishnu Priya was non-different from Mahalakshmi and she was the mother of the entire creation. She offered a garland to Vishwambhar. And she surrendered herself at His lotus feet. By giving the garland she was doing self-surrender.

Then Gaurachandra, He took a garland and put it around the neck of Vishnu Priya. And He smiled very sweetly. She gave a garland to Him, and He gave a garland to her.

Then Lakshmi and Narayana exchanged their affection by throwing flowers on each other. They were having a In Chennai there is a temple in which the Lord, He gets married every day. So Lakshmi Narayanan too participated in this transcendental exchange. Lord Gauranga is Narayana and Vishnu Priya is Lakshmi.

So joyfully Lakshmi Narayana, Gauranga and Vishnu Priya exchanged flowers on each other. We should not think that they are ordinary people. They are transcendental and the devas from a hidden place, they offered garlands and flowers to Lakshmi Narayana. It is said the devas headed by Lord Brahma participated in this ceremony. And Lord Caitanya, Vishnu Priya, they were exceedingly joyful.

So we will stop here. Are there any questions?

Question: Not audible.

Guru maharaj: In Modadrumadvip there is a Ram Leela and so He addresses Sita with explanation of His pastime. So it may be that from there that Lord Caitanya, He took birth in the pastime of Lord Rama but I did not look at the Satkriya Dipika.

Question: Why Vishnu Priya lost Lord Caitanya too early?

Guru maharaj: Lord Caitanya told Vishnu Priya that in His Ram Leela, He will banish her to the forest and He would worship a golden form of her. So in this kali yuga, He banished Himself and she worshipped a golden form of Nimai. So that is in the Navadvip Mahatmaya.

26 May 2018