Mukham karoti vaachaalam…

We will continue with the Caitanya Book.

Shyam Madhusudhan prabhu started reading.

So the day before the wedding ceremony is the aadivas day. And you have some blessings for the bride and bridegroom by their respective families and snacks were given. And gifts. There were also some special savories which were given to all the participants in the wedding ceremony. They gave a full meal. So there were arranging all the materials for the aadivas.

The auspicious astrological moment was calculated and the aadivas was held at that time.

Sanatan Pandit, he was very happy and he arranged an auspicious time and auspicious moment to have the aadivas ceremony.

So for establishing the sacred thithi an astrologer was brought and he calculated the auspicious moment.

The constellation, the rising sign and all auspicious astrological signs were established by the expert and that was made the aadivas moment.

At the auspicious aadivas all the astrological experts were consulted and accordingly the day was fixed.

Mother Sachi in order to celebrate the aadivas, she brought various auspicious articles and got all the things necessary for the aadivas.

(Caitanya Bhagavat)

So this occasion of the aadivas various tents and facilities were established. There was jubilation in all directions.

All the auspicious articles were given by Mother Sachi.

The auspicious signs were also drawn and all the arrangements for the aadivas were made auspicious.

All the special spiritual people in Navadvip, they were invited to come and add to the auspiciousness.

The betel nut was given to everyone and in general the mood was very joyful and auspicious.

Gaurasundar was also known as Vishwambhar. He had auspicious music playing at the aadivas ceremony.

So some musical instruments are mentioned here – mridangas, kartals, some are known and some of the instruments are rare.

There was a lot of tumultuous sound from all the musical instruments, many of which were percussion, so there was a festive mood.

So these were some of the auspicious articles the raw scented turmeric, sandesh, various auspicious sweets and articles. That was the environment of the aadivas.

All the ladies were dressed up and added to the beauty and auspiciousness of the aadivas ceremony.

There were auspicious ululation sounds and chanting of the Holy Names. So all around there was this transcendental sound vibration.

Lord Caitanya was seated amidst and He was surrounded by the auspicious men and ladies. So the whole environment was transcendental. There was chanting of the Vedic mantras and the aadivas was very wonderful.

There was the sound of mridangas and kartals, there were brahmanas chanting Vedic hymns, so all the spiritual vibrations were invoked.

The devotees were observing the aadivas or spiritual occasion and the spiritual situation was uplifting. All those who came thought this was a very auspicious and wonderful aadivas.

On all sides were seated the sajjans (gentlemen), and brahmanas and they were observing the spiritual atmosphere. Some brahmanas were chanting the Vedic mantras, others were chanting the names of Krishna.

(From Murari Gupta Korcha)

So everyone was given garlands and the situation invoked spirituality amongst all present.

(Caitanya Bhagavat)

On all sides were seated the brahmanas and they were decorated with garlands and were given auspicious decorations and made to feel very welcome. So the environment was such that the people naturally felt like being present.

It again describes how they were given garlands, betel nut and sandalwood paste.

There were so many brahmanas, all the families were represented and there were countless devotees who came to be part of the aadivas ceremony.

Some people came and took snacks and came again and again to take more snacks.

Some, they took these various gifts and they took again and again.

So the Lord, He was laughing to see this. All these activities were seen by Lord Caitanya who was laughing, to see the auspicious behavior of the devotees.

Some of the devotees took gifts three times, Lord Caitanya said, take it!

He told them to take again and again, this could be interpreted as indirectly telling them not to take! But in any case the Lord told like that. Buddhimanta Khan, he said, take it.

So the auspicious articles of the reception – sandesh, garlands and various gifts – Lord Caitanya told them, take it. That was the auspicious ceremony.

So if some of the brahmanas were noted for taking extra gifts, they would be known as bad and they would be known as being deceitful.

The Lord said, let everyone take three times. This way they will fulfill their desires.

So they were happy to get three times and in this way everyone was joyful. And nobody took by cheating any more.

The auspicious giving of extra prasadam caused the people to not take any extra prasadam, so everyone in this way took what they needed and didn’t cheat.

Any question?

Hare Krishna!

17 May 2018