Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya.

Krishna Caitanya and Vishnu Priya arrived in Sachi Mata’s house at an auspicious moment in a very joyful mood. So when they arrived there were all auspicious signs and there was chanting of Haribol and women were chanting ulu dhwani. Nitai Gaur Hari bol! Haribol! Haribol!

So mother Sachi and all the other married ladies, they welcomed Nimai’s new bride to her house. She was offering her daughter in law to her new home. She and all the other married ladies escorted Vishnu Priya into the house and they were very happy.

As Lakshmi Narayana sat inside the house, the residents of the house and neighboring residents, all the ladies were chanting the ulu dhwani and the house became Vaikuntha.

So the spiritual bliss which they were enjoying, how can one begin to describe it?! The ecstasy that they were experiencing is beyond description. So I am not able to describe the glories in words.

So those who saw this transcendental pastime of the Lord with their eyes, all their sinful reactions were gone and the house became transformed as Vaikuntha. So those who hear about or see this pastime will certainly return to the spiritual world and we should not think this was an ordinary material thing. This is a special pastime of the Lord. In the material world people want to enjoy their senses. But the activities of Lakshmi Narayana are transcendental. And those who hear about, see these pastimes they are transferred to the spiritual world, Goloka Vrindavan. So the person’s desires for material enjoyment is vanquished and he is freed from material existence, to achieve Goloka Vrndavan. Haribol!

The Lord is known as doya moy or dinanaath because He shows these pastimes and dinanaath means He is merciful on the most fallen souls. Doya moy is that simply by seeing these pastimes one achieves their spiritual liberation. If one experiences the twenty minutes of pastime, it will take more than hours to explain how the Lord, He looks so beautiful and merciful. How the pastimes of the Lord with Lakshmi was so amazing. Even the devas they don’t see such pastimes frequently. But this was experienced by Lord Caitanya. So the Lord is so merciful that by seeing these pastimes of the Lord and Lakshmi, they achieve what the devas are not able to achieve. So the marriage pastime between Vishnu Priya and Lord Vishwambhar is known as ahaituk kripa moy. He who is causelessly merciful. Also as amondo doya, doya Sindhu, He who is an all auspicious ocean of mercy! And dina bandhu, one who is most merciful on the most fallen. So Lord Caitanya showed all His mercy through this pastime.

So giving sweet words, He gave gifts of cloth, to all the bhattas, to all the notts, all the beggars. So He gave cloth and gifts and respectful words to everyone. He also gave some money to the professional blessers. He also as an ideal householder He gave out gifts profusely to the participants. He gave to the professional blessers, the dancers, all the other participants. He also gave to the relatives and brahmanas clothing.

Buddhimanta Khan was embraced by Lord Caitanya. And what bliss he felt! There are no words to describe! He was feeling all ecstasy.

So the Lord’s pastimes are perpetually going on, the Vedas describe the appearance and disappearance of the Lord. But actually His pastimes go on continuously and sometimes He is visible, sometimes He is not visible. So no one should think that the Lord’s activities are ordinary, mundane activities. He is actually in control of the material energy. And His activities are not to be confused with activities of the mundane world. So that is why the Vedic literature present how the Lord’s activities are transcendental. In the material world we are controlled by maya but maya is controlled by Lord Krishna. So although He appears before our eyes and disappears His pastimes go on eternally and He is enjoying the unmanifest pastimes in Goloka Vrndavan. So when He is invisible it is called the disappearance or the unmanifest pastime. But His pastimes are actually unbroken and uninterrupted.

So who has the ability to explain the activities of the Lord done in one dhanda or 20 minutes considering they have a 100 years to do that, it is still not possible to give all the details. So I am describing what I can, but it is very limited. So I am taking the order of Lord Nityananda on my head and by His mercy I will be able to write about these pastimes.

So whoever hears about or reads the pastimes of the Lord is certainly associated with Lord Gaurachandra! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

Vishnu Priya Thakurani, after marrying her, the Lord had His victory over the Digvijay who was the champion of learning. Today there are Olympics and other aerobics, so people try to run faster and run higher. But previously there were people who were expert at learning. They would be able to cite shaastras in this way someone will be expert in one shaastra, and some in another. So they will have debates and these scholars would go around and challenge others. In this way Keshav Kashmiri, he had special blessings of Saraswati and he had come from Kashmir. He went all over India challenging everyone and he was finally going to go to the Navadvip town where there were millions of scholars. So he wanted to establish himself as a champion scholar. Rather than jumping higher, etc. they were busy with scholarship and Lord Caitanya, He was observing this scholastic leela. So He did not like that people were so proud. So He thought that if I deliver him, it would be good but if I defeat him, then people will take his horses and elephants. So instead He devised His own means and Keshav Kashmiri became the 29th acharya in the Nimbarka succession. He imbibed the Vaishnava dharma. So that is the next pastime.

So we have arranged a special translation for the Hindi speakers and we hope that they take advantage. How many speak in Spanish? 35. Any questions?

Question: You said you have taken on Lord Nityananda’s mercy on my head and you are trying to elaborate on these pastimes. Can you please elaborate on that?

Guru maharaj: I was quoting Vrndavandas Thakur. I am just taking the order of Srila Prabhupad. He has asked me to write down. So I am trying to carry out his instructions.

Question: How can we increase our desire to read and to hear and understand the pastimes of the Lord?

Guru maharaj: Well if you are anxious to have the mercy of the Lord and you know that even a short time of the pastime of the Lord it can lead one to the spiritual world. What more motivation do you need? In the material world people are guided by their lust. But in the spiritual world we see how they are guided by pure love. Yesterday we heard how Vishnu Priya and Lord Caitanya stayed up the whole night talking with each other. Someone said to me, they didn’t sleep? So you are on a different platform and if you are associated directly with the Supreme Lord you don’t feel like sleeping! So if you hear the pastimes of the Lord that should inspire you to want to participate.

28 May 2018