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So as Lord Caitanya discussed with the brahmanas, it looked like a very pleasant association.

Vishwambhar went to Gaya with all the assembled brahmanas and all the brahmanas felt immense pleasure to have the Lord in their midst. In this way they went on pilgrimage.

All the lands and villages that the Lord visited along the way became holy places of pilgrimage. His lotus feet went to Gaya and they purified all the villages and towns, by His lotus feet. So Lord Caitanya, He went by the side of the Ganges and His lotus feet are the source of all the holy places. So this way by His travelling to Gaya He purified all these towns and villages.

So Mahaprabhu entered the Ganges, Bhagirathi river and the bees wanted to take the honey coming from the lotus feet of Lord Nimai. They want to taste that sweetness.

Lord Caitanya saw some beautiful place alongside the Bhagirathi and He went to enter the water there. His feet are described as lotus feet. The bees taste the honey of the lotus feet. So the bees wanted to taste the nectarean honey of the Lord’s lotus feet and they were tasting and enjoying the exchange with the Lord. But they were trying to touch the lotus feet. So the devotees they experience this extreme sweetness and the bees also experience it. The example given is of swans who like to have the lotus stems around their necks and so they were tasting this rasa. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy this rasa of Krishna’s lotus feet?
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…Should become like a young elephant in a forest of blossoming lotuses on this earth.

So he continues to offer poetic metaphors that what enjoyer of rasa would give up enjoying in the pond? The enjoyer of rasa would hold the lotuses which were like breasts to his chest. So this metaphor is Maadhurya rasa, how one holds the lotus buds as two tender breasts.

So he is comparing the lotuses to beautiful eyed women. Again and again they are embraced. Again and again one’s intense sweetness and affection is established in the lotuses.

The female swans not seeing the husbands playing in the water, they made waves in the pond. So they quickly approached their husbands.

Vande Rupa Sanatana Raghu Jugo Sri Jiva Gopala kau…

So today is an auspicious day, the disappearance day of Sanatan Goswami and Guru Purnima.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
27 July 2018