(The first five minutes or so there was no sound)

He said I heard you teach grammar to the little ones. You are nothing, I am a great scholar, a great pandit. Many times people are against me, criticizing me. Lord Caitanya, He ignored the criticism and offered respects to Keshav Kashmiri. So in a very sweet words He asked him to write to compose poetry to glorify the Ganges. Lord Caitanya offered Keshav Kashmiri a seat with great respect. But the Digvijay neglected Lord Caitanya and criticized him. But Lord Caitanya followed the etiquette that if someone is visiting your house you treat them with respect.

You teach Sanskrit grammar and Your name is Pandit. You teach children. Although you are just teaching beginners’ grammar. Most of the vedic scriptures are in Sanskrit and if someone knows Sanskrit grammar then all the knowledge of the Vedas are spoken to him. Nimai Pandit was famous as a teacher of grammar. Keshav Kashmiri referred to Lord Caitanya with this. He was proud of his literary qualities and he thought that the Sanskrit knowledge of Nimai Pandit was not at all comparable to his great knowledge.

The Digvijay said I heard You teach Your students Sanskrit grammar and You are very expert with word jugglery and Your students also become expert with word jugglery in this kalatmak grammar. I have heard that You teach Your students to juggle word of grammar. So You teach Your students how to ask beautiful questions. In this way they are able to discuss.

The Lord replied with great humility, yes I teach grammar and I am proud of this. But My disciples do not understand and I am not able to convince them. Since Keshav Kashmiri was a little puffed up the Lord increased his artificial pride by presenting Himself as a junior pandit.

My dear pandit, you know all the shaastras and scriptures and are also expert in Sanskrit poetry. I am just a child in your presence, a new teacher, nothing more. In this way Lord Caitanya was puffing up Keshav Kashmiri the Digvijay.

So therefore I wish to hear your great skill of composing poetry, be merciful on Us and if you would glorify the Ganges, We would be grateful.

Your poetry has no limit. There is nothing that you are unable to describe. It is your great poetical ability.

So we could hear the glories of the Ganges from you and hearing the glories we will get our sins destroyed. So we are very eager to hear your recital.

In this way the great Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri in accordance with the Lord’s request he immediately began describing and composing the glories of the Ganges.

So he began composing the poetry glorifying the Ganges, at great speed. In so many ways he spoke. How can one draw a line on his poetical abilities? He was most expert. He was reciting the verses so quickly that even the pandits could not understand what he was reciting.

Just like there was thundering from the clouds. His recital of the poetry glorifying mother Ganges was like a deep rumbling of the thunder of the clouds. In this way the Digvijay pandit was doing his poetic glories of the Ganges.

Saraswati devi was situated on his tongue and what he spoke was extremely authorized.

For a human being to find fault or to refute his speech was not possible. He had so much knowledge. And most scholars could not even understand him, what to speak of refuting him.

Thousands and thousands of students and disciples of the Lord were speechless hearing the great descriptions of the Ganges from the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri.

Ram Ram adhbhooth Ram Ram how wonderful! The disciples were listening and they thought amongst themselves, is it possible for a human being to speak in this way? The speech of the Digvijay is so inspiring.

Whatever great metaphors, allegories and poetic ornaments that were used by the Digvijay, they were all used by the great pandit and all his compositions were filled with these grammatical ornaments or poetic ornaments.

All those pandits who were expert in all the vedic literatures, those who were great renounced scholars, even those people, those pandits were having difficulty to understand what Keshav Kashmiri was composing. Because he composed so rapidly that it took more time for them to digest. They could not keep up with him.

In this way the Digvijay went about composing verses glorifying the Ganges for about three hours. Some descriptions say it was a prahar, which is three hours and some say one hour but for a long time he was reciting poetry. And continuously he just kept reciting in this amazing way without coming to an end. He was reciting so rapidly that the scholars were having difficulty in understanding what he was saying. All they could do was admire his method of presentation. His choice, arrangement of words.

Then the brahmana Digvijay heard the people glorifying him, he became even more puffed up. And he kept on composing poetry. In one hour he had composed one hundred shlokas glorifying mother Ganges.

When the Digvijay ended his recital, the Lord Nimai Pandit with a smiling face Shri Gaurasundar, He spoke the following words.

So the Lord praised him saying my dear pandit, there is no one equal to you in the whole world who can compose poetry like you do. So you are the greatest poet in the whole world.

Your poetic words are so exalted that unless you explain, no one can understand what you are saying. Your poetry is so excellent, so high that others cannot understand it unless you explain it.

So your poetry poetic verses are so wonderful that no one else can understand what they mean. You know well what they mean as well as may be Saraswati devi. In the spiritual world Saraswati devi is with Narayana and is known as Bhu Devi. In the material world she is known as Saraswati, the goddess of learning. And hen the students go for their final exams they offer their pens to goddess Saraswati. She has a permanent residing place on the chest of the Lord and giving mundane academic knowledge is just a minor thing she does. The main thing is that she is the personification of pure devotion. By her mercy one can get shuddha bhakti or pure devotional service. So Keshav Kashmiri had worshipped goddess Saraswati and got her blessing, so he was very proud. But he did not know that she was controlled by the Supreme Personality of Godhead who had incarnated as Caitanya Mahaprabhu. So that means that Lord Caitanya also controls goddess Saraswati.

So please describe a portion of your poetry. One of the verses that you composed, everything you say is certainly bona fide, and must be accepted by everyone.

Okay so we will continue from here tomorrow. Gauranga! Gauranga! Nityananda! Nityananda! Nitai Gaur Haribol! Any questions?

Question: You mentioned Saraswati devi that she is goddess always residing as Bhu Devi on the chest of Narayana and in the spiritual world she is Bhu devi. Is she different, Bhu devi means mother earth, is she different from Saraswati devi or same?

Guru maharaj: The earth is Bhumi devi and she is under the protection and the power of Bhu Devi. Narakasur in his previous life was actually Bhaumadev, he was the son of Bhumi and he was a devotee. But in Assam there are so many tantrics that somehow he got diverted and became an asur. Then his name was Bhaumasur or Narakasur. So Lord Krishna said that He would not kill him unless she, Bhumi Devi gave Him permission. He told Bhumi. He took with Him Satyabhama on Garuda and Narakasur was going to release his most powerful weapon on Krishna. So He asked Bhu Devi or Satyabhama what should I do because she is the authority over Bhumi. So She said, take him out. Finished! When you see Saraswati you should pray for pure bhakti, not for your final exam!! Any other question?

No question.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd

26 June 2018