So the Lord’s desire was to go to Gaya. So He thought I will go first to Gaya before He delivered the conditioned souls and manifest Himself to Advaita Goswami and others, a completely independent Lord thought He should first visit Gaya. There are many Gayas, Bodh Gaya, the Lord is going to Vishnu Gaya. There the Hindus gather to perform pindi for their deceased forefathers. I went to Gaya with the safari group and the pujaris there showed me that His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupad had been there before and I saw my name was also recorded. I went there with Srila Prabhupad. So one wants to do something for their deceased forefather, they go to Vishnu Gaya and worship the lotus feet print of Lord Gadaadhar Vishnu. So Gayasur he was blessed by Gadaadhar Vishnu that Vishnu put His foot on the head of this Gayasur. That footprint is still visible. So by the presence of the Lord there, those who are against devotional practices, like fruitive workers and Buddhists, they don’t realize that actually Buddha is a Vishnu avatar.

So according to the scriptural injunctions Lord went to Gaya with may disciples, many, many, students, to perform the rituals for His departed father. So there He would perform the shraadha ceremonies.

So He took permission from His mother and with very blissful consciousness, He went. Mahaprabhu went to have darshan of Gaya, to Sri Gaya.

So the Lord was going to go to Gaya with His wife’s sister’s husband. This way He gave joy to the mind of gentle people by His graceful and very attractive activities.

Going to the place of Gaya Mahaprabhu first performed shraadha and other rituals. Completing that, He was very happy and filled the air with the loud chanting of the Lord’s names. Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! The twice born at every minute they performed the worship with great happiness. They got great happiness performing this ceremony for the Lord.

The Lord, to teach others, went to Gaya and performed the shraadha ceremony.

In this way He taught the people. Lord Vishwambhar decided to go to Gaya. This is what He thought.

I will offer pindi daan for the worship of the departed soul of My father, and for this I will go to Gaya and I will visit the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu Gadaadhar and bow down to Vishnu’s lotus feet.

So thinking that, the Lord began His auspicious pilgrimage. And He was heading a group of brahmana pilgrims from Navadvip.

Mother Sachi inside was filled with burning and her breath was heavy, gadh gadh and her voice was choked up and she went to talk to her Son. She was choked up with emotion and she saw Him with sidelong glance and sighed heavily.

If you go to Gaya my dear Vishwambhar, listen my Son, if I cannot see You, my house becomes dark.

I am a blind person and You are the star that allows me to see. This body, You are like the soul of this body. Without You, I cannot live.

You are going to deliver Your forefather, Your ancestors. What can I say to You?

When Sachi maata said these things, the Lord comforted her with sweet words by saying the following.

I will constantly be with you. You should know My dear mother. So the Lord answered in this way.

Everyone, all the sons, have to offer pindi to their forefathers. Please give Me mercy and give Me permission. Don’t be sad about this. Then mother Sachi said the following.

So these brahmana pilgrims are going to Gaya, with a happy heart, You can go with them. In this way Lord Vishwambhar went to Gaya.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
25 July 2018