Nama Om…


So we will continue with the Caitanya Book. Is there Bengali translation going on?

The Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri gave away all his possessions in charity. His palanquins, horses and elephants, the wealth, all his accumulated riches, he gave to worthy recipients. He gave up all bad association and he went from that place. Such was the pastime of Sri Gaurasundar. So here was someone who was very expert in defeating others in debate but after getting the association of Lord Caitanya, he had a total change of heart and he wanted to be fixed in pure devotional service. So he became totally renounced, free from all material possessions after meeting with Lord Gaurasundar.

Lord Caitanya’s mercy in this form is that even someone gives up being a king and becomes a mendicant so that he is fixed in devotional service. In this way, Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s devotees, they are totally detached from material attractions. They want to be absorbed in the bliss of serving Krishna.

The example given in this age of Kali is how Dabir Khaas, the prime minister of Hussain Shah, the emperor of Bengal, he gave up his position and he lived in the forests of Vrndavan. Dabir Khaas refers to Rupa Goswami and Sakara Mallik refers to Sanatan Goswami. So both were – one was prime minister and other was finance minister. So this is the example given, of course there are many shaastric examples. Narottamadas Thakur was the heir to the throne but he abdicated and allowed is cousin brother to be the king and he engaged in bhakti yoga as a guru and a mendicant in Kheturi graam, which is on the Padma river in Bangladesh.

That which in the whole universe people are hungry to get, that is achieved by Krishna’s servitor ship, they can easily give it up. It is because transcendental devotees never admire opulences of the material world.

A person who only thinks of happiness just as a king, when they experience the happiness of bhakti and its greatness, is something unknown to the materialistic people. So devotees, they are always relishing a higher level of happiness. They do understand material objects are temporary and useless. So they are trying to achieve this spiritual bliss all the time. So in material life we are trying to enjoy our senses but in the spiritual life we want the Lord to be pleased. So this serving the Lord’s senses is giving immense transcendental bliss.

What to speak of the happiness enjoyed by a king, even the happiness of liberation is considered small by the servitors of Lord Krishna. So when it awakens the love of Krishna in their heart, they see that dharma artha kaama and moksha, the four principles of religiosity, economic development, sense gratification and salvation are simply cheating because they are not giving pure love of Krishna.

Nothing is achieved without the all merciful glance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In other words, all the Vedas tell us to worship the Supreme Lord, so we should do that to have our life be perfect.

Persons who are filled with anarthas or material contaminations, they endeavor in so many ways but they don’t try to serve the Lord. By the Lord’s mercy, one can get self-realization and they can then understand what is the real purpose of life.

So in this way, the Digvijay was delivered from material illusion. This is the way Lord Gaurasundar’s wonderful pastimes ensues.

The Digvijay was defeated by Shri Gaurasundar. This news spread all over Nadia and whole of Navadvip city.

All the people were filled with wonder. Nimai Pandit certainly is a maha – great scholar.

The Digvijay was defeated and he went away to his home place. We have not heard of any pandit like Nimai Pandit who was such a learned scholar.

He justified that Nimai Pandit has a pride. He has shown His scholarship and His reputation has spread.

Someone said that if this brahmana studies logic certainly he will be known as a Bhattacharya.

Someone said oh dear brother, let us all gather together and give Him the title of Bahi Simha. In this way we can award him. Bahi Simha was a vaishnava in the line of Ramanuja and he was known to defeat and smash like a lion the concept of impersonalism. So whenever one scholar defeats another he was awarded a title Bahi Simha.

Although they have seen these astonishing pastimes the influence of the illusory energy is so strong that the people do not have the potency to understand who the Lord was and that He was actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

So we will end here?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
22 July 2018