Nama Om..

So I will try to continue the compilation of Caitanya Lila books. There were ten books on Caitanya Lila so I am referring to all and making one book.

By chanting my mantra getting the title of Digvijay is not the real fruit. Material things are, tuccha, infinitesimal. The real benefit is to have darshan of the Lord. So material benefits are small and seeing the Lord is unlimited. So you should not think by chanting my mantra you will become a Digvijay, that is very small. Over chanting, seeing the Lord is the real benefit.

So the fruit of chanting my mantra you have now achieved. The Lord of millions of universes, you have seen directly. This is the real fruit.

Therefore, oh brahmana go quickly and at His lotus feet, surrender, your body and everything to Him.

So don’t ignore my words thinking that it is only a dream. I am controlled by your mantra. But what I told you is hidden and even unknown to the Vedas.

CC Adi Lila 106“In a dream the goddess informed him of the Lord’s position, and the poetic champion could understand that Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.”

Having said all this, Saraswati devi disappeared from the Digvijay’s vision. When the brahmana woke up he was most fortunate.

At the time of brahma muhurta, or just before the sunrise, the best of the brahmanas as soon as he woke up, he at that time went to see the Lord at His residence in the early morning, during the brahma muhurta.

When he came in the presence of the Lord, the brahmana bowed down, gave his prostrate obeisances. The Lord picked up the brahmana and kept him on His lap and embraced him.

Mahaprabhu said, my dear brother, why this kind of behavior? The brahmana replied, please show me Your mercy!

The Lord said, you are the Digvijay, you have conquered all the pandits in all directions, why are you doing like this? Today you are coming to Me and you are treating Me like this, why?

The Digvijay replied, listen, the king of all brahmanas, by worshipping You every work is perfect. All one’s activities become successful just by worshipping You.

In the age of Kali, You come in the form of a brahmana but You are Narayana. Who has the ability to understand You? Or to recognize You?

My mind started to have doubts when You started asking questions and my words were not coming. So I was unable to answer You.

You are the unborn Lord. You speak all the Vedas. This I have seen, there is no doubt. There is no one else who has these qualities. All the Vedas say that Mahaprabhu is free of all pride. Now I have seen that myself.

You have defeated me three times. Still You kept my prestige intact.

Lord Narayana, now who is there who has the potency of the Lord? It is not possible for anyone else to have. In other words, You are Narayana, that is for sure.

I met pandits, scholars from various parts who are from Gaud, Trihuta, Delhi, Kashi, Gaya, etc. Gujarat, Vijaynagar, Kancipuri, Anga, Manga, Tribanga, Udra, All these lands and more. All scholars became doubtful what to speak of meeting me to debate my topics, they stayed far away. They could not understand what I was saying. They did not have the ability to understand.

Although I am such a scholar, but in Your presence I could not establish my conclusions. I am unable, my intelligence left me. Where did my intelligence go?

This is not something wonderful for You to do. You are the husband of mother Saraswati, this she told me herself.

It was an auspicious moment that I could come to Navadvip dham and I could see You. Although I am sunk deep in the well of material existence. So the Digvijay Keshav Kashmiri realized that his attachment to academic pursuits were material and intoxicating. But somehow I am able to see You by the strength of my past good karmic activities.

I was bound with materialistic desires and totally illusioned. Wondering about this world, being forgetful of actual position, I cheated myself. So the souls conditioned in this material world, they are controlled by maya and because of that they are cheated out of self-realization.

By divine mercy I could get Your vision. At this time please give Your merciful glance to me, free me from the bondages of this material world.

So the Digvijay, he thought that being at the top in the educational field was the goal of life. By when he met Lord Caitanya who is Gaura Narayana, he had a change of heart. They cannot find the verse. Any questions?

Shruti smriti purana aadi pancharatra ki vidhim bina ekantiki Harer bhakti utpaate eva kalpate.

Now we have the verse, find it.

Question: Not audible.
Guru maharaj: It can be an obstacle or it can be useful. If you are like Digvijay it may be an obstacle. If you use it in the service of Krishna, it would be beneficial. And then as a grihastha if you are educated you get better employment and you could use that for Krishna. So someone was studying and Prabhupad would encourage them to go on. But if one had no education he gave other services. He didn’t think it was useful to go back for education. Of course he was quite old at that time and he wanted to achieve a strong Krishna consciousness movement before he left. If one is inclined, he could be educated. But it is not that without education one cannot preach.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
12 July 2018