Today the gold Sudarsana Cakra weighing 1,400 kilograms was installed on the West Wing dome of the TOVP. This is a monumental step towards the completion of this adbhuta mandira predicted by Lord Nityananda. Ambarisa Prabhu and his wife, Svaha Dasi, addressed the audience through their letter which was read out by Vraja Vilasa who acted as Master of Ceremonies. HG Jananivasa Prabhu, Sadbhuja Prabhu, acting chairman of the Mayapur Administrative Council, Sankarsana Nitai Prabhu, and myself, addressed the assembled devotees. I thank all those who made this possible. I mentioned how the GBC had been supporting the TOVP in various ways. Sadbhuja mentioned that the Sudarsana Cakra which is 3.5 meters in diameter was made in Russia of pure stainless steel with a significant liquid gold coating. There was a fire yajna after the short speeches. Then there was drsti, raising of the victory flag, puspavrsti, abhiseka of Sudarsana Cakra, aarati of Sudarsana Cakra and then the cakra was taken to the top of the West dome and properly attached. Then prasada was given to the participants.

Yours in service
Jayapataka Swami