Some disciples wrote to me saying that they lost their taste for chanting and therefore, they stopped chanting 16 rounds. When we first come to Krsna Consciousness, we usually have not offended any devotees. So our chanting is very pure and, easily, we get a taste. But with time, we start to criticize devotees or think critically of devotees or hear criticisms or blaspheming of devotees. As a result, we lose out taste. Sometimes we neglect our sadhana bhakti and thus, we lose taste. The only remedy is to chant without taste for some time and then gradually, the taste comes back. It is due to our neglect that we lost taste. We can gain taste by our conscious effort. We should be very careful not to commit any of the ten offenses against the holy name. These offenses can hamper our taste. We are at war with maya and we have to take shelter of the holy names and of Sri Guru and Gauranga. If you are short on rounds, then it is important to keep track of how many rounds you are behind; then, you must try to make them up. Try this and see if your taste returns.

Your well wisher always,
Jayapataka Swami