Nanda Priya Nivedita Devi Dasi
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10,000 people, Guru Maharaj and so much love in the air. It was a sensational, gratitude filled Vyasa Puja.

5th April-Arrival

The festival commenced with a grand reception for Guru Maharaj with flowers, victory flags, colorful rangolis, loud blowing of conch shells, ‘ulu dwani’ and ‘Hari dwani’.

It was around 9pm when Guru Maharaj reached Mayapur. He had Darshan of the deities and soon after addressed devotees at the Lotus park. “So I want to thank everyone for the beautiful reception”, Guru Maharaj said. Prior to this Guru Maharaj was first at Delhi, attending to his health, then travelled to Madurai for a retreat, after which he was at hospital again. After this he was at Chennai for a day and then reached Mayapur dham. In his arrival address, Guru Maharaj gave a specific instruction, “We need everybody to cooperate and try to spread Krishna Consciousness. So this is our ISKCON world quarters and we have 50 Guru’s disciples. So, we want to show that in this world we all cooperate together, to create the vision that Srila Prabhupada wanted. So, I thank you for working together.”

6th April – Adivas-
Bhakti Purushottama Swami, HG Jananivas Prabhu, HG Pankajangri Prabhu and many other senior Vaishnavas performed the Adivas ceremony. “This Adivas ceremony is meant for the worship and glory of Sri Sri Radha Madhava”, said Guru Maharaj. He explained that Lord Krishna and Sudhama were discussing their stay at the Gurukul at their Guru’S ashram and added that Lord Krishna said that the Guru’ disciple relationship was so good.

“Krishna is the Guru of all Gurus, but just to show as an example he accepted a Guru.So throughout​ history , the principle of Guru and disciple is there . Although Guru is a devotee of the Lord. He is not a Vishnu tatva usually. But he takes the role to guide the disciples back to Krishna and this role was taken by Srila Prabhupada.”,Guru Mahraja said.

Devotees from Bangalore offered “Srila Prabhupada Na hoito” song, translated and composed in Kannada by a famous Kannada Music director. The Adivas ceremony ended with a dance by the Tribal devotees. It was truly spectacular. With the loud thumping of resonant drums and decorated pots held on their head with utmost ease, the tribal devotees marched from the Panchatatva gate to the stage in the Lotus park. They danced on the stage gracefully while two of them sang in their language a song in praise of Guru Maharaj. This love for Guru Maharaj is beyond borders, language, and differentiations made by materialistic standard.HH Bhakti Purushottama Swami under the inspiration of Guru Maharaj has been tirelessly preaching in the deep jungles to the tribals.

7th April-Vyasa Puja

“There is a lot of people present here and I cannot reciprocate with everyone. Especially if they crowd around offer flowers, Garlands ,money , smiles ,pushing , it is beyond my scope to reciprocate.” Guru Maharaj said in his lecture. The Vyasa Puja ceremony took place in the temple hall. The hall was jam packed and that would be rather an understatement. There were thousands of devotees, with practically no space to move.The Vyasa Puja committee reported that over 10,000 people attended the Vyasa Puja, which apparently exceeded the attendance for Gaura Purnima this year!The festival was conducted efficiently. The decorations were beautiful, with Srila Prabhupada’s instructions to Guru Maharaj depicted. The JSSS Mayapur had organised for the first time , help desks for the visitors, which helped devotees find rooms,medical help,water supply etc. Guru Maharaj expressed his gratitude for the various arrangements. The ceremony ended with auspicious Guru Puja. All the assembled devotees with so much emotion sang the Guru prayers, it was an overwhelming experience.

Various devotees glorified Guru Maharaj ,hearing them was so inspiring. HG Jananivas Prabhu said that he admires the fact that Guru Maharaj has invested so much effort in keeping so many places of Gaura Mandal bhumi alive, be it through Namahatta or taking care of the temples and it’s care givers. “Srila Prabhupada told him to take care of those two brothers, so he is like my father, he is in the position of my father”, he added. Such senior personalities who live just for the Dham and Sri Sri Radha Madhava had this to say- astounding indeed!

“Your lifetime of devotional service , at times in most difficult situations is a tribute to your surrender and your love for Srila Prabhupada,Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the Vaishnava community “, read HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s message.

In the Vyasa Puja address, Guru Maharaj spoke about his early life and introduction to Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON. “Srila Prabhupada told me to preach in India,Bangladesh , Nepal and later told me that it was the duty of all Sanyasis was to travel around the world.”, said Guru Dev. Guru Maharaj then gave an important piece of information. “So in 3C Albert Road, Prabhupada told me that I was born in India before. But at first I said I am very fallen, he said ,’Don’t disbelieve the words of the Guru.”

Guru Maharaj then went to the Annadan Complex , and honoured prasdam with all the devotees.

Blessed day, blessed devotees, Guru Dev is Srila Prabhupada’s blessing!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!