Does chanting of Hare Krishna mahamantra anytime have the same effect or not?

Jayapataka Swami: “Namnamakari bahudha nija sarva shaktis, tatrarpita niyamita smarane na kalah”. There is no hard and fast rules for chanting the Holy Name. It does not say, if you chant at 4:00 AM or 10:00 PM, it has different effect. Ofcourse, our consciousness is better in the morning, more in the mode of goodness. So we will be able to chant with more attention. Not that Harinam has different potency, but generally speaking, in the morning, our consciousness is less in the mode of ignorance.

Draupadi chanted Krishna’s name to save herself. I don’t think it was mangala arati time when Dushasana attacked her, but it had the same effect, because she was chanting without offenses.

HH Jayapataka Swami
26 March 1991
Question & Answer session
Sridham Mayapur