“What is the big difference between the human being and the animal? The difference is that the human being can understand what is the purpose of life. But if you go to a normal human being in the material world who’s conditioned, and say, “What is the purpose of life?” they don’t have the slightest idea. Make money? Be happy? wander around? listen to music? Die? They don’t have any clear idea. What is the overall scheme ? what is the grand purpose to life? Have we come with any higher purpose? They don’t know. But a human being has the intelligence to know that there is the purpose to life – we can be freed from the laws of the material world. We can realize the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We can go back to the spiritual world in this life time. It is the real purpose of human life.”

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
31st October 1988
Atlanta, USA