Damodara Preaching in Pictures

A picture speaks thousands of words. So instead of writing hundreds of lines in theory we are showing you some images
of practical ways you can arrange Damodara programme at your place.

Mobile Damodara Puja

One can park the vehicle near a parking lot of a grocery store, yoga centres, schools and other places and do Damodara puja.

Damodara Booth

Book table in the market and other places

Damodara Booktable in Supermarket

In big supermarkets permission can be received by describing Damodara program as Diwali celebration.

Door to Door Damodara Puja

Shop to shop Damodara Puja

Damodara House Programme

Kirtan, chanting, Damodara lila, Damodar arati, feedback and gift.

Damodara Harinama

Diwali Damodar Festival – Hall Programme

“Make a wish, light a lamp”

Using a Slogan to inspire everyone to show Arati

Corporate Diwali Damodar Programme