All glories to your service. It is really a question of each individual, what service will really involve their mind. Some people might like brahminical activities, some protecting the devotees in their Kshatriya mood. In the UK they were taking out the Harinama party and the football hooligans would go out and look for a fight. So then you get a group of hooligans and a group of simple devotees doing Harinama. And sometimes they would start and punching and beating up the Harinama devotees. So some devotees in a Kshatriya mood protected the devotees. They directly confronted the hooligans. For each situation, devotees do different services. Some may be very expert in farming, some may be very expert in book publishing, so it is not what service, it is doing the service which you are most suited for. In Mayapur, some of our vaishnavis do wonderful altar decoration. Some are very expert in puja. So it is not that you have to change your service, it is doing your service with concentration, bhakti.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami
7th August 2018
Chennai, India