This year, the Most Blessed Event, the “70th Sri Vyāsa-puja Mahotsava” of our beloved Guru Maharaja falls on the 16th April 2019 – Sri Mayapur Dhama, India.

?14 April 2019 Sunday – Rama Navami
?15 April 2019 Monday – Vyasa-puja Adhivasa Ceremony
?16 April 2019 Tuesday – Kamada Ekadasi (Vyasa-puja)
?17 April 2019 Wednesday – Dvadasi

This message is to request you to please send your Vyasa-puja Homage for 2019.

Below are guidelines on writing a Vyasa-puja homage:

?Login and submit your homages online at or send it to

?Please watch this video on how to submit Vyasa-puja homages:

?Please do not send your homages to Guru Maharaja or his secretaries’ e-mail ids or to any of the other conferences. Sending it to Guru Maharaja’s id will clog his mailbox and simply burden him with the task of forwarding your mails to us. So please refrain from doing so.

?If you are sending your homages via e-mail, please do not write your full address, contact number, etc. in the subject slot. Please just mention the name of the person (s) the homage is from, and the Yatra, city, and the country that the offering is from. Please mention the spiritual relationship of the homage writer with Guru Maharaja like siksa disciple, diksa disciple, aspiring disciple, shelter disciple, or a well-wisher.

?For example: Gauranga Dasa (diksa) Mayapur, India.

?Please send only one homage per mail.

?Please do not send your homages as attachments.

?Please do not type your homages in capital/upper case letters.

?Please include a recent picture of yours as an attachment to your e-mail. A picture of yours with Guru Maharaja would be great!

?If you want to add a report of any specific service that you are performing for Guru Maharaja, you may do so.

?You can use Google IME for other languages.

?If you are a local JSSS coordinator, an area coordinator, or a Bhakti-vrksa leader, kindly forward this message to everyone under your care or make an announcement of the same on the proper forum.

?Please do not use SMS words like “u” and “ur”. Please stick to standard “you” and “your”, etc.

?Please avoid the short forms like GM, SP, BSST, BVT, 5T, RM, HDG, HH, PAMHO, HG, AGTSP, AGTGG, KC, KP, BV, TP, HK, SW, MW, MYR (Mayapur), KKD (Krishnakatha desh)

?Please spell-check the homages because homages are meant to please Guru Maharaja – not to burden him with guessing what the misspelt words mean.

?Please do not write “Happy birthday”. Please stick to “All glories to your auspicious appearance day” or something similar.

?Please do not copy verses /purports from vedabase software ; copy them from instead.

?Please make sure you tell us where the offering is from. For example, please write “New Vamsi-vata (the Madagascar farm community)”. NOT just New Vamsi-vata. If we don’t know where the offering is from, we will not print it.

?The Vyasa-puja book is meant for glorify and please Srila Gurudeva. Please do not compare or equate Guru Maharaja with Srila Prabhupada or the previous acaryas.

?Please make sure that the offering has a minimum of 150 words, excluding mangala-carana.

?We reserve the right to reject an offering or to ask for a re-write if it is deemed inappropriate.

?Deadline to submit your homage is: 21st March 2019. These homages will take place in the Vyasa-puja book, those who send it after, will be displayed on

?Please follow the guidelines. Thank you all very much.

Yours in Service,

JPS Archives and team.