Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vaachalam…

So last night we did a check whether we should do compilation of Krishna Caitanya Book or question and answer session. There was a partial vote for each one. So 15 minutes we will talk on the Caitanya Book and another 15-20 minutes’ questions and answers. Today we are starting a bit late. We had some special guest here from Bombay. Today we did not have physical therapy with the professional. But we did the morning exercises, in sets of 36. Each exercise is one mantra. So 36 sets means ten rounds. We did have voice therapy. Around 11.30 – 12. We practiced different kinds of sentences with different concentrations. So some going up some going down, some we said loudly. So once a week we have the Dean of voice therapy, Head of the Department. AS a senior person, we are grateful that Dr. Prakash is coming here. One of his students Lakshminarayan comes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Sunday, Dr. Prakash comes. Also today we received the 10th, 11th and 12th cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam in Kannada, the state language of Karnataka. We are very grateful to the BBT and the devotees who worked incessantly and published these last three cantos. Prabhupad wanted his followers to finish his work of the Srimad Bhagavatam. He did the summary study of the 10th canto as the Krishna Book. But the 11th and 12th cantos were to be done fresh. So that was done by a group of his disciples and grand disciples in English and that was translated into Kannada by the BBT of Karnataka. So today was an eventful day. So now we will start.

The Lord said, listen My dear brothers, whatever you have said is true but do not tell anyone my discussions. Keep that to yourselves.

Oh brothers, I speak in this way because I see that one blackish complexioned boy who plays on His flute, that is all I see.

All I hear is the name of Lord Krishna. I see the entire world as Govinda’s dham, and the goal of Lord Govinda.

So what Gaurasundar is saying:

Guru maharaj to the repeater: Speak loudly and distinctly and slowly

“I am always seeing the blackish complexioned young boy, attracting everyone with the sound of His flute. Since I constantly see Him I always chant His name and sing His glories. The sound vibrations which enters your ears is simply the names of Krishna and the particular word. The field of enjoyment that we have presently been around You is not actually a place for your enjoyment, rather it is Vaikuntha, Goloka, a place of Krishna’s enjoyment.”
(Please excuse me for any mistakes as the repeater was not very clear.)

Lord Citanya He was seeing how Navadvip dham the whole world as a place for Krishna’s enjoyment. Everything belongs to Lord Krishna and we are thinking this is me, my body and I am this body, and this world is meant for my enjoyment. I was giving a tour to the BBC Travel person and I was saying something like how people are all trying to get sense gratification and he replied, oh that doesn’t sound so bad – sense gratification, that’s what I want! So people in the material world want to gratify therr senses. Thus they are never satisfied because they are not the body. So just like if you pull up at the petrol station and the attendant wanted to give you petrol in your mouth you will say, no, no, I don’t want. Then where do you want the petrol in? In the car. We are spirit souls have our own separate food, the vehicle has its own diesel or petrol. So these things Lord Nimai Pandit has realized. That this world is meant for Govinda’s seva. Not for our enjoyment. So this realization is the basic realization that human beings should have.

I humbly apologize to all of you. From today I will not teach or study any more. In a very humble, apologetic way He said to all the students, to you all, I apologize, from today, I will not continue my lectures or studies any more.

All of you have My permission to study at that place wherever you like. Study with that person, I give you permission and you can study without fear.

Other than Krishna no other word manifests in Me. I am telling the truth. The true state of My mind.

After saying this Mahaprabhu told everyone, He tied up His books with tears in His eyes.

The Lord’s students offering obeisances said, we make the same resolution as You do. So following Nimai Pandit’s footsteps the students said they also were retiring from studies.

Now that we have studied under You, all of us, what can we learn at other places from anyone else? What understanding of the scriptures can we get from anyone else?

All the disciples, students, were in separation from their guru, teacher and in great sadness they spoke, they wept and spoke as follows.

What we have heard from Your mouth, with those explanations, stay in our hearts birth after birth. We will remain meditating on Your teachings.

Who can be approached and what can we study? We are satisfied whatever we have learnt from You.

Saying those words, the students went to the Lord and offered obeisances with their folded hands. They tied up all their books with cords.

All the students began to chant Hari Hari! HARI HARI! HARIII HARIIII! And the sun arose! The Lord embraced everyone and the Crown Jewel of the twice born began to cry, embracing everyone.

Then the students cried with their heads down, they merged in an ocean of transcendental bliss.

With a choked throat all the students became overwhelmed. Lord Shri Sacinanandan blessed them all.

If I have been the servant of Krishna maybe one day, your desires will be fulfilled. Then all your desires will be fulfilled.

All of you take shelter of Krishna. May all of your mouths be filled with the sound and names of Krishna.

So I wanted to stop at 9 but these pastimes of Lord Caitanya are very absorbing. How these students of Nimai Pandit were declared by Vrndavandas Thakur as eternal associates of Lord Caitanya. He said, what else can they be? They are so fortunate; they saw Lord Caitanya in His ecstasy of love of Krishna. They are bathing with him in the Ganges and having so many different pastimes. So they are really fortunate. So now we will take questions for 15 minutes.

Question: Could you please explain how we can get rid of the desire of being noticed? Vijaya Radha Devi Dasi

Guru Maharaj: Who they want to be noticed by? You see, Krishna sees everything we are doing. There is no doubt about that. He is everywhere, He is omniscient. So He knows what we are doing and He notices us. He is in our heart as Supersoul. And the spiritual master, he also knows from the Supersoul or from reports.

Question: Rukmini: If we do chanting or singing the holy names on the streets but we do not sing shuddha naam or pure chanting, still people will get benefit?

Guru Maharaj: We went with Prabhupad to Vaardha, in Maharashtra. There was a Gita conference called by Vinod Bhave who was renowned follower of Ramana Maharishi. He was doing mauna vrata because they were still slaughtering cows in Maharashtra. So Prabhupad and one mayawadi, Chidananda Swami or something, (maarwadi is a businessman and mayawadi is an impersonalist!) Prabhupad had us chanting Hare Krishna and then he spoke. Chidananda he saw that when devotees were chanting everybody was enjoying. So he wanted to also have some chant. So he made up some imagination mantra. Sacidananda Krishna, clap clap Sacidananda clap clap Krishna. I can’t remember it but it was painful. Prabhupad said to the devotees that just chant. So we all began chanting Hare Krishna. So everybody sighed in relief!! So that mayawadi was silenced. He was trying to insult Prabhupad by his speculative chanting. So after that Prabhupad praised the devotees in private. He said you all because of your chanting was pure that is why people enjoyed so much. Some devotees chant the same thing that you say but may not be pure and the naam is not shuddha naam. He said in mangoes there are green mangoes and ripe mangoes. So you may be a green mango but eventually you will ripen to become a ripe mango. Now your chanting does not have great effect because you are green mangoes, because you are unripe, pure devotees. But eventually you will ripe but even now the name has great effect, chanting of the holy names. So even if you think you are not a pure devotee yet but you are trying to please Krishna, and chanting Hare Krishna, your chanting will have effect different than someone who is a professional chanter, who chants for money or someone who is a non-devotee who chants just to be recognized. So keep on chanting and you will eventually ripen. Haribol!

Question: Kaivalya Sundari dd (Guru maharaj exclaimed ecstatically: Oh Kaivalya Sundari of New Talavan): Here in the west for Gita Jayanti I was wondering if we only recite the English translation, do we get the same benefit as we also when we read the Sanskrit?

Guru maharaj: We can say the other way even that even if we chant Sanskrit but don’t understand it, the vibration is so pure that it will also purify you. Whether you chant the Sanskrit or you chant Prabhupad’s translation or you chant both, it will have a purifying effect.

Question: How much time we should read Srila Prabhupad’s books every day? Taptakanchna Nimai das

Guru Maharaj: Prabhupad was recommending one hour per day. Until you get to read all the books. Hearing and reading can be combined. Prabhupad was giving an example. Someone was distributing his books and he handed a book to somebody. And that person said what did this book say? He said, I don’t know, I just sell the books. So we want people to know the book, to read the book and preach. At least they should know the basic content of the book and how it helps one to understand the purpose of life, the goal of life. OK.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
16 December 2018

P.S. Sorry yesterday’s missing class could not be retrieved. Hare Krishna!