Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vacalam..

Today we are continuing the compilation of the Caitanya Book, taking various scriptures which detail the pastimes of Lord Caitanya and compile that into one book. This is the first over and then there will be editing.

After speaking with everyone, He wished everyone farewell, He bid them goodbye and then He did His own house duties, Vishwambhar Rai, He did His duties.

So in the Lord’s body symptoms of pure love of Krishna, the ecstatic love of Krishna were constantly visible. And He started to act in a very renounced manner in His dealings.

So the love that Lord Caitanya was manifesting for Lord Krishna was in the mood of aadiruda mahabhaav or ecstatic symptoms in the body of the Lord. So the Lord, was following in the footsteps of the topmost renunciants and being absorbed in the mood of a devotee, He gave up all desires for enjoying personal happiness and as a personification of pure renunciation, He displayed intense eagerness.

Regardless of the simultaneous presence of renunciation and devotion, one can discuss the verse from Srimad Bhagavatam in the 11th canto, chapter 2, 42 verse, devotion, direct experience of the Supreme Lord and detachment from other things. These three occur simultaneously for one who has taken shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the same way, the pleasure, nourishment and relief from hunger come simultaneously and increases with each bite for a person who is engaged in eating.

Mother Sachi could not understand her son’s activities. Still seeing her son, she was in a great jubilation.

So Lord Caitanya, He cried out Krishna, Krishna and He cried, tears came from His eyes. Mother Sachi saw all this and she saw that the tears of love had filled up her courtyard.

Lord Gaurahari called out where is Krishna? Where is Krishna? As He was saying this, His ecstatic love for Krishna increased more and more.

So Mother Sachi, she couldn’t understand anything. What was the cause of this change in her son? With folded hands she took protection from Lord Govinda.

So Lord Gaurahari Mahaprabhu He began to manifest Himself and this was expanded more and more. The unlimited brahmandas, the universes became filled with joy.

The shower of the Lord’s love for Krishna as He started to manifest Himself. When the word came out about His devotion, wherever they were the devotees came to see Him. So the Lord Gaurahari was very compassionate to the conditioned souls in this material world. So He began to shower love of Krishna, love of God at some auspicious moments. As soon as this news spread the devotees immediately came to see Him. Everyone wanted to get love of Krishna. Here who would like to see the Lord?

All those devotees who went to have the Lord’s audience, the Lord greeted them very warmly and gave His association to everyone.

Tomorrow at the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari, come there and meet Me. I will reveal My sadness and My request in a private place.

Sriman Pandit seeing the Lord’s wonderful manifestation of ecstatic love for Lord Krishna, was filled with joy. He was delighted seeing the Lord’s wonderful manifestation of love.

Doing His early morning duties, the Lord at sunrise the next day, took His basket with Him and went to pluck flowers being very happy to do so.

In the house of Srivas, there was a small manmade lake which had a tree and that tree was like a kalpavriksha, desire tree incarnation. This desire tree would give you whatever you want. Like if you say 24 gardenias, 16 roses, then you make your wish for six kinds of flowers, shooshooo then it will manifest all the flowers. That is why it is called desire tree. This tree was on the side of this kunda or manmade lake. Not lake but a small body of water. Lake could be a sarovar but kunda means small.

Many of the vaishnavas picked flowers of that tree. That tree supplied insurmountable number of flowers which never seemed to diminish or exhaust.

So early morning just after sunrise, all the vaishnavas rose and came to that place to pick flowers. In this way they met the other vaishnavas.

Gadaadhar, Ramai, Gopinath and Srivas, they all came to get the flowers and in this opportunity they were absorbed in the mellow of discussing the pastimes of Krishna.

At that time Sriman Pandit came, he was smiling and laughing as he came. So he arrived in their presence.

Everyone said “We see that You are manifesting a big smile, why is that?” Sriman said, “certainly there is a cause”.

So all the devotees said, tell us, let us see. Sriman Pandit said, listen to the cause.

So the most wonderful reason, great impossibility, Nimai Pandit has become a supremely pure devotee of the Lord! So Nimai Pandit just a few days before was the best of the logicians. He ridiculed vaishnavas with caricatures, teasing words and now has become a great vaishnava. This is truly amazing!! Mission impossible You have done! Ha! What time is it? So we will stop here.

Tomorrow starts the Bhishma Panchak and on my Facebook I gave and we will be putting up all the details. This is a very short vrata of five days. One takes either havishanna or fruits and roots or Pancha gavya. Whichever you want. And you offer some prayers to Bhishmadev. You offer some worship to Lord Krishna and you offer a lamp to Krishna and you either hear the Bhagavatam class or hear a verse from Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita. If you can then you can take a bath in the Ganges in midday. If you are far from the Ganges, then chant Ganga three times loudly and the Ganges will be invoked. On the full moon at the moonrise or sunset, one breaks the fast. So, many devotees try to do this Bhishma Panchaka. It gives one lots of spiritual blessings and it is not so difficult. But you should be able to continue with your normal activities. Don’t take too difficult a fast if it interrupts your daily routines. Thank you very much. For me this is my last day of Kartik but I will offer lamp every day until the Purnima. I started the vrata of Kartik on Ekadasi, so today is my last day and tomorrow is Ekadasi, so I am finished!
Any questions?

Question: If someone is doing havishanna can they take fruits and roots?

Guru Maharaj: Fruits and roots are also mentioned in Hari Bhakti Vilas and Skanda Purana. Fruits should be with few seed. You should avoid the bahu beeja fruits. Like if you say seeds, fix how many seeds. So today I took fig.

Question: Whereas Lord Caitanya’s manifest pastimes are very vividly described, why His disappearance from the world is not elaborated in the shaastras although there were many devotees present then?

Guru maharaj: We are just discussing the beginning of His sankirtan movement. Why are you going to the end? Ha!

Question: Although many devotees participate in the Damodar ararti program, why there is lesser attendance during lecture programs?

Guru maharaj: Why don’t you ask them? Why don’t they attend? Maybe they have to rush home. May be they have some duties, I would be speculating, so better ask them.

Some ask can we take carrots and beetroots? Some pandits say cannot. But I don’t see it is particularly mentioned. In the quote of Havishanna it says all roots except just one, grass root. Someone said that carrot was imported from Europe some couple of hundred years ago and so they gave the Indian name Gaajar. But whether the gaajar is the same as the gaajar which they take, someone has to research it. If the carrot was only imported only 200 hundred years then it will not be mentioned in the shaastras.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari dd
18 November 2018