Hare Krishna,

We invite you to join today (22nd August), on this auspicious Pavitropana Ekadasi day, to join a live non-stop 24 Hours Worldwide Japa Video Conference starting at 6:00 AM (Indian Standard Time).

Please check your local time for convenience and join in this Worldwide Japa for as long as you can to do as many japa rounds.

The goal is to chant upto 64 rounds!

Or at least try as many rounds as you can.


Let us unite together to pray to the Lord for faster recovery of our dear Guru Maharaja.

Only 500 people will be able to join in Zoom Video Conference simultaneously. So please keep trying in case the capacity gets full but most importantly continue doing your japa during this very auspicious Ekadashi day.

Hare Krishna!
Guru Maharaja ki jaya!

Bhakti Purushottam Swami

JPS Seva Committee
JPS Health Team
JPS Prayers Team