Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

So we also took some nominations, some inputs from hundreds of the congregational members. And we are also very thankful and grateful for the research of Chiranjiv, for his active participation and helping me to bring a solution. I would like to thank also Marici das, who has been in Malaysia since 1991. He has been very helpful to introduce different devotees. So we would like His Grace Chiranjiv prabhu’s ongoing participation and we are asking him to be the Co-Regional secretary with Simheswara das. That is not only for Kuala Lumpur, but the whole of Malaysia. As far as the Kuala Lumpur management structure, we thought that since in Malaysia, we have two temples with brahmacari ashram – in Kuala Lumpur we have Jagannath Mandir and TODU. Plus there are many grihastas who are helping. Therefore, we should have a Co-President, one brahmacari and one grihasta. So brahmacari will be Kripa Sindhu Krsna das and grihasta we found one who is very active and attends the mangala arati regularly. So we asked Sevananda das to take this position. I was concerned that too many grihasta problems were coming to the brahmacari president, so we should have a grihasta president to address them. So then I thought there should be two vice presidents. So I kept an open mind, I didn’t know who should actually be the vice president. But two people overwhelmingly received the support of the congregation. So I consulted various devotees, and also consulted them if they would accept the responsibility. Both of them are grihastas. That is Siddhi Sarva das and Prahlada Rakshaka das. Prahlada Rakshaka das who is a disciple of Lokanath maharaj and is apparently the Chairman of the Malaysian youth. We hope that he will be able to engage the youths, men and women, in the various services of the HODs. There was a concern, that we also consider the succession, that in future the youths become the leaders of Iskcon Malaysia. So many of the devotees thought that Prahlad Rakshaka das would be a good vice president and engage the youths. And we wanted a lady to be the director of women and children issues. And although there are a number of people nominated, one person got overwhelming endorsement. That is Shantirupa devi dasi (the repeater). And we had a treasurer, and we wanted the treasurer to be someone autonomous, and follow the strict dictation of the temple management committee. The treasurer and his team would be responsible for the budget of the temple. Then whatever the team he decides, he will be responsible and force that budget. So the treasurer is assigned as Sukanta Krsna das. And he will be assisted by several devotees. Now we said we will have a secretary. So we asked the opinion of the different devotees, second and first initiated devotees. And one person got overwhelming endorsement. So I felt obliged to bring him, his name is Santivardana Caitanya das. Then to provide some guidance and stability we have two special advisors – they are the members of the temple TMC. One is Tyaga Caitanya das and Marici das. They said they want to have a think tank team. That will think ahead, vision of the temple where it should go and advice in that. I don’t know exactly all the members of the think tank team. Initially, we would like to include Mahayogi das, Ruparaghunatha das, Mahesa Advaita das, Subhamitra prabhu, and we wanted two ladies to be there Kirtida mataji, Rathigopika mataji. One Senior mataji, Hemakanti mataji, and two youths representing the youth are Shivangi and Nrsimha Nandalal prabhu. The devotees who are heads of the department of various departments will be read out now. Now we are having a new position and the chairman of the HODs would be Rasaparayana das. So the HODs’ concerns are being given to the TMCs by the chairman of the HODs. Similarly, the think tank team would give their ideas and suggestions etc. to the TMC, who will then consider how to realize these goals. So the TMC is basically the group presidents, two senior advisors, two vice presidents, and the treasurer, and the secretary. In the future we want to have some abridgement, but within that time we could not decide. So all the people of the TMC are original, based on their responsible action and their confidentiality. At the same time, we want to have transparency so that we can easily see how the finances are used. So we thank everyone for their cooperation. Hare Krsna.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
01 July 2019