Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

All glories to Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda, Radha Madanamohan, Jagannath, Baladeva, Subadra and Sudarshan! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Haribol! So on this Saturday, we are happy to welcome all of you to the temple! We see you are very enthusiastic! And both the men and ladies are filled with spiritual bliss! Haribol! I remember when I first came here for the installation of the deities, and Prabhupada was looking from here! Srila Prabhupada ki jai! He was looking over all the ceremonies. Then he came and did the first arati. Serving Lord Krsna in His various incarnations is very blissful. I was seeing how in this area, they were observing different car festivals in Tirupati and of Lord Nrsimhadeva. Within a few weeks this temple will also be observing the festival of the Jagannath Ratha Yatra. In this material world, there is happiness and suffering. Lord Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita that this is a place of suffering – dukalayam asasvatam. Asasvatam means temporary. Happiness is temporary and suffering is also temporary. But we need a lot of happiness! Friendship, society and love, is the source of happiness in the material world. The rishis have said that there is some happiness in these three. But the happiness from friendship, society and love is not enough. It is like you are in a desert and you need water. Someone gives you a few drops or a little glass! It is not enough. By chanting Hare Krsna and engaging in devotional service, we can get unlimited happiness. Haribol! We want to give all of you that unlimited happiness and bliss. We are not asking you to be sanyasis! Lord Caitanya taught grihe thako bone thako sada Hari bole dako. Whether you are grihastha or in the renounced order, please chant Hare Krsna! Haribol! Every avatar has a particular mood. The mood of Nrsimhadev is anger! Where is the demon who has been persecuting my devotee, Prahlad? I will rip him apart! Lord Rama was a perfect king. Lord Krsna was a perfect son, master, friend. He was the perfect husband and also lover. Lord Caitanya was very merciful. He and Lord Nityananda were giving unlimited mercy. They did not see who is qualified or who is not qualified, and gave love of Godhead freely to everyone. Lord Caitanya, He made even the animals in Jarikanda forest to cry and chant Hare Krsna. He was feeling such separation from Krsna that, in that separation, He was melting stones! So you have a choice! You can follow the law of karma and get punishment for your sins and benefit for your pious activities. So for your good activities you will go to swarga. For your sinful activities you suffer or you even go to hell. Lord Caitanya’s mercy so if there are two airlines – one is karma airlines and one is Lord Caitanya’s airline, Lord Caitanya’s airline will not only take you to swarga, but also take you to Goloka Vrndavan. So we want to know, who wants a free ticket in karma airlines or in Lord Caitanya airlines? So those WHO WANT KARMA AIRLNES RAISE YOUR HANDS! No one. WHO WANTS LORD CAITANYA AIRLINES? Haribol! So when Lord Caitanya came to Navadvip He did not reveal His actual position. Lord Krsna at the age of 6, He lifted the Govardhan hill for seven days! So the cowherd men, they went to Nanda maharaj. Don’t tell us that your son is ordinary! He just lifted a mountain with His left hand for seven hands like it was nothing! So don’t tell us He is ordinary! Tell us, who is your son? Cheppandi! (Telugu for tell) So Nanda maharaj said that Garga muni, the astrologer, said, your son will have all the powers of Lord Narayana. And He will be very good for the cowherd families. So that was Krsna in Vrndavan, He was not hiding who He was. But Lord Caitanya, He kept His real identify a secret. He only revealed to a certain number of devotees. One mendicant, he came to the house of Jagannath Misra. He said that he was eating fruits and roots in the jungle. Mother Saci and Jagannath Misra, they said that you have to come to our house and we are grihastas, so let us cook for you. So he said, I will cook for my own deities. You can give me all the ingredients. So he cooked rice, dal and sabzis. Then he put the plate before his Gopal deity. He closed his eyes and said, Oh, my dear Gopal, please come Gopal! Lord Caitanya came and ate the bhoga! He was just 3-4 years old. And the mendicant said, oh no, oh no, the bhoga got spoilt! Oh no! Oh no! Then Jagannath Misra went running after Nimai with a stick. But the mendicant stopped Jagannath Misra and said, he is a child how can he know? So this happened again. The next offering was also eaten by Lord Caitanya. So the mendicant said it is enough, I am used to fruits and roots. Lord Viswarupa, Lord Caitanya’s elder brother came back from the class. He is an avatar of Sankarsana, the expansion of Balarama. So the mendicant said, who is this boy? Blessed are His parents! Viswarupa said sweet words after understanding the whole situation. You are a mendicant; you are used to austerities. We are grihastas and you are our guest. If we cannot feed you, we will feel very bad! So please one more time, accept to cook. We will all go sleep in our house. So you will be all alone. So the mendicant hearing the sweet words of Viswarupa, he accepted. Then he again cooked the bhoga. Then he put the offering plate in front the shaligram shila deity and again he said, my dear Gopal, please come Gopal, take this offering! Again, child Nimai came and started to eat the offering. No, no, no, not again! Lord Caitanya said, you are calling Me, so why are you upset? Then He showed His form as Gopal! Then the mendicant was so happy that Gopal had come and taken my offering! Then Nimai disappeared back to His room. The mendicant took the prasadam and was RUBBBING IT ON HIS BODY! Gopal has come and touched it with His own hands! Then Jagannath Misra came out to see why the mendicant was yelling. He was covered with rice. So Jagannath Misra thought, oh, he was not really hungry. Gauuuuuranga! Gauuuuuranga! Gauuuuuranga! So today was a very special day in Bengal. I don’t know if such a day is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. The day is called Jamai Sasti. The day when the father-in-law worships and feeds a feast to the son-in-law. Because he is grateful that his son-in-law is taking care of his dear daughter. So Lord Caitanya had married Visnupriya. And His father-in-law was Sanatana Misra. So today Sanatana Misra served Lord Caitanya a feast! With lots of mangoes, litchis, jackfruits. And special kheer with mangoes. Also pitas, cakes. So think how much blissful it is to serve the Son-in-law who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan! When Lord Caitanya visited Andhra Pradesh, He stayed in the house of grihastas every night. Every day He would go to a house, the wife would pour the water, and the husband would rub the feet. Lord Krsna visited a few homes. But Lord Krsna Caitanya visited house of devotees – six years, every day! Who would like Lord Caitanya to visit their house? Haribol! So there is so much happiness in serving the Supreme Lord. And this was revealed by Lord Caitanya to everyone. We hope that all of you practice this Krsna consciousness, to be able to be part of the Lord’s transcendental pastimes. Haribol! I was told that I should end here so that you can come tomorrow morning.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
08 June 2019