Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram


Address was in Bengali:

You are all very fortunate people! In this very place, there are so many lilas that Krsna performed! The original name of Guwahati was Pragjyotispur. Krsna had come here twice. Once to kidnap Rukmini, Krsna had come to Guwahati. Another time, there is a place called Ashwaklanta where He established His foot print. I have seen this place, have you seen this place? Ashwaklanta is the place. Once He came riding on His Garuda vahana along with His queen Satyabhama. Naraka wanted to marry Bhumi devi and so came as Narakasura. But no one could get Bhumi devi unless she gave them the permission. Bhumi devi came and requested Satyabhama to ask Krsna for help. But Narakasura was well protected by his army and various tantric strengths and other strengths. Then Krsna sent His Sudarshan chakra towards Narakasura and the chakra destroyed all his strengths. Then Narakasura sent some demons to kill Krsna. Krsna asked Satyabhama what should I do? Satyabhama did not want Krsna to be harmed in any way. So then Krsna killed Narakasura. Then Narakasura’s daughter came to fight with Krsna but Krsna did not want to fight with a girl. Kamakya devi came and Narakasura’s daughter paid obeisances to Her. She told her to pay obeisances to Krsna’s lotus feet and that He would be her father in law. Bhima’s child Gatotkach was married to her. Gatotkach was half devotee and half demon. That is why Gatotkach could not get married to a human’s daughter. And he could not get married to a demon’s daughter as well. Here in Guwahati, after the daughter of Narakasura touched the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, she became a devotee. Then she could become the wife of Gatotkach. Like this there were many lilas performed here. Here there were sixteen thousand queens who were prisoners. Krsna fought with Narakasura, killed him and then released them. All of them then implored to Krsna that now that you have released us, please accept us as Your wife. Krsna could get married to all of them but they could not have found husbands other than Him as they had all been captives of Narakasura. There is a minister who said that he did not know much about Krsna bhakti. Bhakti Purushottama swami has been doing a lot of tribal preaching. I have been to Assam quite a few times and met the tribals. They all gave me a shawl like this (gesturing to the shawl he was wearing which was presented to him here). We can do devotional service to Krsna by the nine processes of devotional service. It is not difficult to do these nine processes of devotional service. Every religion has something of this. There are many religions and they say Allah, Ishwar but there is only one God. We are followers of Sanatana dharma and we call Him Krsna, Govinda! Gooooovinda! Other religions call Him by other names but every religion has one name. I wish that all the people will stay united. Caitanyadev said, Bharata bhumi te manusya hanma hoilo jar, janma sartaka kori koro paro upakar. You have all taken birth in this Bharata varsha, India, and Assam is lila bhumi. So you should all surrender to Krsna and every one of you should make an effort to take the name of Krsna and do service to Krsna. Follow Sankaradeva’s teaching and Caitanyadev’s teaching and the teachings of the sastras. This way I hope that all of you will chant the names of Krsna and perfect your lives. And try to chant the names of Krsna! Haribol! Harer nam Harer nam eiva kevalam, kalau nastyaiva nastyaiva nastyaiva gatir anyata. This is from the Brihad Naradiya purana. In this kali yuga, by chanting the names of Lord Hari, we can achieve perfection of our lives. There is a doctor, Dr. Vinayak.. Das and he proved that chanting the names of the Lord helped people perfect their lives. Those who were having bad habits like the alcoholics, and others, they benefited by the chanting of the Holy names. I hope that all of you are devotees. That you will chant more and more the name of the Lord and do kirtan and spread the holy name. I was very happy to hear and see the small child do kirtan in front of me. Everyone can chant the name of Krsna, even a small child. This is nothing difficult. Caitanyadev had incarnated but He did not announce Himself as God. He would not have the color of Krsna, He would have another color. Krsna came in His own color, Rama came in green colour, in Satya yuga He came in white color and in kali yuga He came in a golden color, Gauuuuuranga! Krsna varnam tvisa Krsnam sango pangastra parshadam this prediction was give in the 11th canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Krsna will come in another color, sah anga means His light, and His parshads, His associates, Nityananda is Balarama, Advaita is Mahavishnu and Sadasiva. His internal energy is Gadadhara and Srivas is His jiva shakti. All the Panca Tattvas are His associates. And His weapons are weapons of love! Caitanyadev says, ekele Ishwar Krsna aar saba brhtya. Bhrtya means servants. Mahadev and all the other demigods want to serve Krsna. Lord Brahma also wants to serve Krsna. In the Krsna lila, Lord Brahma had come and stolen the calves and the cowherd boys and hidden them. He was scared when he saw that Krsna had created all the calves and cowherd boys and there was no change. Brahmadev was surprised that he had stolen the calves and cowherd boys but they were all there! They were at both the places! How was that possible? Like you see the lights at night but in front of the sun they are nothing. Similarly, Lord Krsna is the Supreme Light, Jyotishwara. Everyone including Brahma, the four headed Brahma, are all His creations. Then Brahma realized his mistake and that Krsna has unlimited strength. He realized that Krsna is the Supreme and he wanted to repent for his offence. Brahmadev heard that Lord Krsna would be incarnating in the kali yuga as Caitanyadev he started chanting the names of Gauranga in kirtan. Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! This way Gaurangadev appeared in front of Brahmadev and asked him what do you want? Brahmadev said, he wanted to be one of His associates and participate in the Gauranga lila. I have done many offences, and I do not want to commit any further in my life and I hope to get Krsna Prema! Haribol! Krsna then said “Tatastaha” So be it! You will be My associate and you will belong to another religion. That way you will learn to be humble. Every day you will chant three lakh names of Krsna and you will get love for Krsna. And you will be the nama acarya. And your name will be Haridas. So Haridas was Brahma Haridas. Sankaradeva had many pastimes there but definitely he was an associate of Caitanyadev. This way many of the Lord’s devotees came to Assam. I request all of you to preach the glories of Harinaam and chant the holy names! Haribol! Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!

I was very sick and that is why I was not able to go around. I hope you understood whatever I spoke. My hearty wishes to all of you! Hare Krsna!

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
3 June 2019