Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

On this Apara Ekadasi, we would like to welcome the students from Durgapur, students from the Pune program and also Vismita. We would like to welcome all of them with a Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

So today we are going to read the results of hearing about the meeting of Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya and seeing His six handed form.

Caitanya Bhagavat Madhya Kanda:

That Anantadeva is seated in the heart contains the form of Gauracandra. He resides in Anantadeva’s heart. Don’t be at all confused. That Lord Nityananda is the same as or non-different from Lord Anantadeva. So we are reminded of the verse: Sri Krsna Caitanya Radha Krsna nahi anya, Balaram hoilo Nitai. That Nityananda is Balarama. And from Balarama, Anantadeva has expanded. And Anantadeva is doing various services for Lord Krsna, that means He is all doing all the services for Lord Caitanya because Lord Caitanya is non-different from Lord Krsna. Anantadeva in His heart, Gauracandra resides, and that Anantadeva is none other than Lord Nityananda There is no cause of astonishment or doubt in this regard. Sri Sri Nityananda Prabhu ki jai!

The Lord manifesting His form of six arms is nothing wonderful. It is a manifestation of all His incarnations and is simply His blissful pastime! So some of the amazing pastimes of Lord Gaurasundar, like His showing the six armed form is not at all surprising, because in His various incarnations, He has different pastimes. Since Lord Gaurasundar is the source of all incarnations, therefore His showing the four arms of the Vishnu form is not surprising! Showing Nityananda Prabhu’s plow and club and the weapons of Visnu like conch, disc, club and lotus, is not amazing, since Krsna is the source of all Visnu avatars and Lord Balarama. Since Balarama is the svayam prakash, He is the first expansion. So the other avatars and other shaktis are all coming from Him. So within Krsna Caitanya everyone exists, including Balarama, and Balarama is the next expansion, so in Him all the others exist. So this happens simultaneously. So this is the philosophy of Lord Caitanya – acintya beda abeda tattva – inconceivably, simultaneously one and different. It is not amazing that Lord Gaurasundar showed His six handed form to Lord Nityananda.

When Lord Ramacandra Raghunath, He offered the pindi dan for his father Dasarata, and Dasarata personally accepted the pindi offered to him. So when Lord Ramacandra was offering pindi for His departed father, His father came personally and accepted it. In the same way when Lord Nityananda offered a garland to Lord Gaurasundar, in worship of the Lord, He saw the Lord having six arms.

So if this is wonderful, then everything about the Lord is wonderful! Know it for certain, that this is all part of Krsna’s sporting pastimes. So if Dasarata’s personally coming and accepting the oblations from Lord Ramacandra is astonishing for ordinary persons, then why shouldn’t this incident of Lord Caitanya showing this form to Lord Nityananda be astonishing? They are all part of Krsna’s transcendental pastimes.

The natural characteristics of Nityananda Swarup is that He cannot give up for an instance, the mood of servitude to Lord Caitanya. Haribol! You see in the neophyte stage of devotional service sometimes we have service attitude to Krsna and sometimes enjoying mood. But in Lord Nityananda’s pastime He is a spontaneous servitor. He is never devoid of the mentality of service to the Lord, for even a fraction of a second! He constantly serves Lord Caitanya and He doesn’t want anything else. In the Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 5.120 it is confirmed as follows:

Isvare seva vina nahi jane ara – He knows nothing but service to Lord Krsna.

So the natural characteristic of Laksmana is to always serve the dear Lord of Sita. And His mind, His life, His wealth. man, pran dhan. So the point is that even as Laksmana, He displays spontaneous service to Lord Ramacandra, the beloved of Sita. Nityananda also displays uninterrupted endeavors in the service to Lord Gauuuuuuranga!

So the mind of Lord Nityananda Swarup, in this way He always filled with the service attitude to Lord Caitanyacandra. And He is always pleased in this way. So if you want to be always pleased, have the service attitude to Lord Gauranga! Haribol!

So Lord Visnu is without limit. He is the Lord of all, and not fit for accepting subordination to any other object. He enters into all the universes, and establishes Himself as the cause of their creation, maintenance and destruction.

At the time of the final destruction of all the material creations, the Lord in His form as Anantadeva, remains unaffected as stated in all the Vedas. So Anantadeva is unlimited, independent and controller, and He is the only cause of the creation, maintenance and annihilation of this visible world. Nevertheless, to conduct all these activities He manifests within the material creation at the appropriate time as Anantadeva.

Still Anantadeva’s nature is to be constantly engaged and attached, to the loving service of the Lord. Spontaneous, loving service of the Lord. So Anantadeva, although He is the Lord, He is in the mood of servant of the Lord, and He never gives up His position, to give up the worship of the Lord.

So please consider and understand, how the Lord comes in every yuga, as different incarnations. It remains His personal, natural characteristic, to remain as a servitor of the Supreme Lord Krsna.

In His incarnation as Laksmana, Anantadeva is the Lord’s younger brother and is always engaged in the service of Lord Rama.

Although He gave up eating, drinking and sleeping, to serve Lord Rama’s lotus feet, He was still not satiated. He wanted more and more and more! More seva! So we should follow His example, and always want to serve the Lord. So Laksmana came as Balarama in Krsna lila and Nityananda in Gaura lila. These are different forms of Anantadeva. So you get some vision of the service attitude of Lord Nityananda or Laksmana.

In Krsna’s pastime He came as incarnation of Balarama. He was the elder brother, still He never gave up His mood of service from His heart. So in Rama’s pastime Lord Nityananda served as Laksmana and He was the younger brother of Rama. But in Krsna’s pastimes He was the elder brother of Krsna, Balarama. But He always maintained a service attitude. In the Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 5.135-137 it is stated: “Sometimes Nityananda serves Lord Caitanya as His guru, sometimes as His friend and sometimes as a servant of Lord Caitanya, just as Lord Balarama played with Lord Krsna in these three different moods in Vraja.” Sometimes He played like a bull, Balarama head to head with Krsna. Sometimes Krsna would massage the feet of Balarama, and sometimes Balarama considered Himself as a fragment of Krsna’s plenary portion. He knows Krsna to be His Master and Him to be a servant of Krsna.

Sometimes He addresses Krsna as swami or Lord. His mentality is always in pure devotional service to Krsna.

Lord Nityananda knows Himself to be Anantadeva. Anantadeva is not different from Nityananda Mahaprabhu. Know this for certain.

Caitanya Caritamrita Adi lila 7.14: Prabhupada says: One of Them is Mahaprabhu, and the other two are prabhus. These two prabhus serve the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu. Haribol!

Anyone who considers Nityananda and Balarama as different is certainly a fool. Sei mudhamati. In other words, the intelligence of someone who sees Nityananda and Balarama as different, is polluted by the influence of the illusory energy.

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So the Lord is called as sevya vigraha or object of worship. And one who serves is called seva vigraha or servitor personality of Godhead. So Lord Krsna, Vrajendranandana is eternally the object of worship. And He is svayam prakash. And Lord Balarama is the abode of worship. So those who write the poetic sastra, Krsna is called the visya vigraha or the object of worship. And His expansions or energies headed by Baladeva are called asraya vigraha or sevaka vigraha, abodes of worship. One who worships the sevya vigraha but disrespects the sevaka vigraha, can never please the sevya vigraha. Rather he becomes the object of neglect and falls into the mire of offence. In the Adi Purana it is stated:

Yene bhakta jana Partha na me bhakta shate jana
Mad bhaktanam caye bhaktas te me bhakto tamo mataha

“My dear Partha, those who claim to be My devotee are not My devotees. But those who claim to be devotees of My devotees are actually My devotees.”

So saying that you are a servant of the Lord is not endearing to Krsna. Rather to say, you are the servant of the servant of Krsna. Lord Caitanya, He said, He was gopi barthor pada kamalayo dasa dasanudasa. We are always trying to be the servitor of the servitor, of the servitor, of the Lord. So this is a very esoteric aspect of devotional service. Most people want to be servants of God but we want to be the servant of the servant of the servant of God. So we are half way through the chapter. We still haven’t found out what is the benefit of hearing this pastime. So tomorrow night we have another night. But I hope that you should learn by these verses how we should always be in the service attitude to the Lord. Not only to the Lord but the servant of the servant of the servant of the Lord. We try to be the servitor of our guru and he is the servitor of his guru, and he is the servitor of his guru. So right now we are the 33rd or 34th succession after Lord Brahma. Are there any questions? Someone on the internet has a question.

Question: PAMRO. In service we need to have a proper attitude, but many times focusing on completing the service, we might focus more on the quantity of the service. So how should one balance between the quality and the quantity of service in a way to please guru and Krsna? Vrjakrsna das.

Guru maharaj: I remember one pastime that Yamuna devi told that how she was cleaning the room of our Srila Prabhupada in Los Angeles. And that she had arranged all the sock and things in the dresser. And she was thinking that she did a good service and that Prabhupada would praise her. So she was waiting. Prabhupada was looking and then she got worried because he was looking at everything and he was not praising her. Then he tried to open the window – the habit was that they would paint the room fresh for Prabhupada’s coming. So the window was painted shut. So Prabhupada tried to open it but it didn’t open! Then he said, what is this? She broke down crying! Ha! She wanted to please Prabhupada but she was too proud! So we should always think that we can do better. Not that I did so much service and it will be very pleasing to guru. And he will appreciate me. I did so much! I AM GREAT! Somehow the guru picks up you are proud, puffed up! Instead we should be humble. We should have the proper attitude. And even if we did more books, more service, we should think we should do more, it is not enough! So like Radharani, She is always trying to improve Her service. We should always try to improve. Any other question?

Question: How to overcome, lust, ego, as soon as possible?

Guru maharaj: All the services, all the vices can also be dovetailed in Krsna’s service – everything except for envy. So one has the problem of lust, we should be lusty to make more devotees for Krsna. That is alright. But if we are lusty to enjoy the senses, that is a problem. So we should dovetail all our desires for Krsna’s service.

Question: Dear gurudev, PAMRO, AGTSP! Thanks for your blessings. Chanting of holy name in other ages versus chanting in this age – please compare the results, facilities and obstacles. Your servant, Divya Govinda das.

Guru maharaj: The holy name chanted in any yuga brings result. But in other yugas also one’s offences to the chanting are serious. If one chants without offence, it brings the result anyway. But if one commits offence, it is very serious. But by chanting Lord Caitanya’s names and Lord Nityananda’s names the offences are minimized. Lord Caitanya doesn’t exist in other yugas, so therefore chanting the names of Lord Caitanya, Nityananda, Panca Tattva helps us chanting Hare Krsna.

Question: Hare Krsna beloved guru maharaj, PAMRO. There is no difference between Nitai Gauranga and Krsna Balarama. But at the time of performing Their arca vigraha worship, it is mentioned that there are different standards for worshipping Nitai Gaura and Krsna Balarama. Could you please explain a little further about worshipping Krsna Balarama arca vigraha and Gaura Nitai arca vigrha worship. Your aspiring servant, Sarangi Radhika devi dasi.

Guru maharaj: Each avatar assumes a different mood. So you worship the Lord in His particular mood. As Nrsimhadeva He is in an angry mood, especially His Ugra form. As Krsna Balarama, They are more strict. Nitai Gaura are more merciful. So if we offend Krsna and Balarama, it is more serious than when you offend Nitai Gaura. So Nitai Gaura are very merciful. Still we should avoid offending anyone, but offending Krsna Balarama is more serious than some offence to Nitai Gaura. That is because of Their particular mood. Hare Krsna!

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Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
30 May 2019