Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

Ecstasy of mother Saci as the mother of Nityananda Prabhu.

“The son of Saci went on the road with His devotees, and talked about Nityananda and explained that Nityananda was the best, being endowed with knowledge, devotion and detachment.”

Caitanya Caritamrita Mahakavya: Sanskrit

Thinking in this way, oh ocean of mercy, He was engaged in giving mercy to Lord Nityananda the next day. The Lord smeared sandalwood paste and kumkuma after offering beautiful kirtan and satisfied Him

Caitanya Mangal, Madhya Lila:

So in this way, the Lord Gauranga, enjoyed blissful pastimes, moment after moment. Finally, Lord Gauranga, Sacinandana, returned to His own home.

Caitanya Mangal:

As He walked on the path to His home, He described Lord Nityananda’s glories. No one in the three worlds can compare to Lord Nityananda.

Murari Gupta Korca: Sanskrit

“Then Sri Gauranga departed for His home. On the way He began explaining the exalted topics spoken by Sri Nityananda to Him on Krsna consciousness. Oh, how that great soul spoke! He said that initially one should develop knowledge of Krsna which brings auspiciousness. Then comes devotion for Sri Hari and then detachment from sense pleasures will naturally take place. This is the proper sequence whereby one can advance in spiritual life within this world.”

Caitanya Mangal:

Listen, listen, everyone! Listen to My words! These are the words of Lord Nityananda as told to Lord Caitanya. Love and devotion to Lord Krsna is not an ordinary thing.

Caitanya Mangal:

First one gets knowledge, then arises the devotional service. After that detachment from sense pleasure appears in the heart.

In this way, every day, day by day, one gradually, gradually, increases in one’s devotion and falls in love with Lord Krsna. Increasing, and he becomes thus advance in devotional life.

Murari Gupta Korca: Sanskrit

“So saying, the Lord of the Lords Gauranga left for His home. Upon arrival the Lord narrated all that happened at His mother’s feet.”

Murari Gupta Korca: Sanskrit

“Then when the next day came, Sri Gauranga invited the intelligent Nityananda to accept alms with Him. Thereupon, He anointed Lord Nityananda’s body with ulp of sandalwood.”

Murari Gupta Korca: Sanskrit

“He made honorable presentations to Him of garlands, valuable gifts and sanctified foodstuffs. Then He offered aratik, thus was Nityananda Prabhu nicely worshiped by Gaura.”

Caitanya Mangal:

Another day, Bhagavan Gauranga Mahaprabhu, invited Lord Nityananda to visit His own home. And Nityananda is the best of all sanyasis.

Caitanya Mangal:

Lord Gauranga, He anointed the chandan paste on the body of Lord Nityananda. He offered Him alms to Lord Nityananda, anointed His limbs with sandalwood paste, offered Him a splendid garland and worshiped Him according to the proper system.

Caitanya Mangal:

Seeing Lord Nityananda, Mother Saci’s eyes became filled with tears. Seeing His lotus face, she became wild with ecstatic love.

So Lord Gauranga said to mother Saci, know Nityananda Prabhu to be your own Son! Please take care of Him, better than you take care of Me!

Caitanya Mangal:

Mother Saci gazed at the face of Lord Nityananda, loving Him like a Son. And she said to Him, You are my Son! Saci devi said.

Caitanya Mangal:

Please be always merciful and kind to my son, to my Viswambar. From today, You are both my sons!

Caitanya Mangal:

As she spoke and spoke, Mother Saci’s eyes were filled with tears that flowed from her eyes. She saw Nityananda Prabhu as her own Son and Saci took Him on her lap!

Caitanya Mangal:

Nityananda Prabhu saw mother Saci like a mother and loved her like a mother. He fell like a stick offering his prostrate obeisances before mother Saci. He sweetly said.

MOTHER! Everything that you said is true! Is the truth! Satya hoi! I AM YOUR SON! KNOW THIS FOR SURE! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

A mother never takes her son’s offence. I am your Son for sure! Please know that this is true in every way.

Saci rani was overwhelmed with motherly affection and love for Lord Nityananda. Tears flowed from her eyes, her voice was choked with emotion!

In this way Mother Saci was absorbed in the mellow of affection for her two sons. As she gazed at her two Sons, her heart was melting in spiritual bliss.

Thus ends the chapter entitled Ecstasy of Mother Saci as the Mother of Nityananda Prabhu. Haribol! Haribol! Nitai Gaur! Ni Tai! Ni Tai! Gaura! Gaura! Gauracanda!

So mother Saci, she saw the two, Nitai Gaur as her Sons. Also in the Krsna lila, mother Yasoda saw Krsna and Balarama as her Sons. Although Balarama was the son of Rohini. But also Yasoda, treated both as her Sons, with full affection. So Nitai Gaura are also the Sons of mother Saci, and this emotion They shared and she shared. She had motherly affection and love for both, and They also saw her as Their mother. Haribol!

Wi Nitai! (Chinese – We love Nitai)

Any question:

Question: Lord Nityananda here is described as the best of sanyasis. Yet in His manifest pastimes, He was a grihastha. So what is the sense when they say, He is the best among the sanyasis?

Guru maharaj: He didn’t formally take sanyas but He acted as a vairagi in His first life. So He was called as an avadoot, best of the sanyasis, vairagis. But when Lord Caitanya finally took sanyas from Kesava Bharati and took the danda and everything, He went to Jagannath Puri on the request of mother Saci. There He told Nityananda Prabhu that He didn’t finish the work in Gaudadesh, in Bengal. So You should go back because I have taken sanyas, You should take grihastha life and then spread the sankirtan movement and fully flood Bengal. So later when Lord Caitanya asked Advaita Gosain, what is the situation in Bengal? Advaita prabhu said that the market is flooded, everyone has the goods. So Nityananda, He fully followed the instructions of Lord Caitanya and flooded Bengal with Krsna prema. Everyone was chanting the holy name. He inspired namahatta in Surabi Kunja. Nadia Godrume Nityananda Mahajan pati ace namahatta jivera karan.

So Lord Nityananda started the namahatta and He flooded Bengal with the chanting of Hare Krsna. First one chants Hare Krsna, and then one gets knowledge about Krsna, and then one goes more and more affectionate and falls in love with Krsna. So you have to go thru these three stage – chanting, worshipping, getting knowledge about Krsna and then naturally one becomes more and more attached to Krsna, more affectionate and more loving. Haribol!

Question: Facebook question: When are we permitted to get brahmin initiation from you gurudev? Is it necessary to get if we have shaligram and deity worship at home? Or only allowed for temple deity service, direct seva for you? Should we wait until our husband/wife has taken also? I would like to take it as well, sometime in the future, gurudev. Please show me when I am ready to take brahmin diksa from you and please shower your blessings and causeless mercy on me to fulfill your instructions on time. Harita Madhavi dd

Guru maharaj: Generally, the second initiation is the pancaratrika mantras, we generally call that as brahmana initiation but that is not really what it is. But in some respects it is. Of course the first mantra we give is the mantra called the upanayanam mantra which is given to the brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas. But the next six mantras are pancaratrika. So all the seven mantras are used in the worship if the deities. If you have a shaligram shila at home, it is better to have second initiation. If the husband and wife agree then one may take the second initiation before, if the other is not ready yet. So usually Iskcon says that one should wait for at least one year after the first initiation. Now to take second you should also have Bhakti Sastri, and should have read up to the third canto and should also be able to pass certain tests. So Prabhupada said to be very strict on the second initiation. So now we are applying this system that one should get the Bhakti Sastri, do their reading, Bhagavad-gita, two or three times and up to the third canto Srimad Bhagavatam. And we may increase that further later. But this is where we are today.

Question: Dear guru maharaj, PAMRO, AGTSP We have heard from one of your classes that it is better to reside in Mayapur or Vrndavana. Although both the dhamas are equal, still as Mayapur is Audarya dham, there is less chance of dhama aparadh. Now the question is that understanding this, are we having doubt on the mercy of Srimati Radharani, who is the guardian of Vrndavana and thus offending Her that we should not reside in Vrndavana for fear of dhama aparadh? Hope I am able to express myself. Please excuse me for my ignorance. Your most fallen disciple, Dinapavan Krsna das

Guru maharaj: You see, Srimati Radharani is very strict when you are worshiping Krsna. She wants Krsna to be satisfied. So for Herself She is very merciful! But when you are worshiping Krsna, She wants the best for Krsna. So if you slack in your service to Krsna then Radharani, She is I would say very strict. That is why worship of Radha and Krsna is more difficult than worship of Nitai Gaura. It is not an offence to Radharani, it is not underestimating Her mercy, but Her love for Krsna is such that she doesn’t tolerate offences to Krsna. So that is part of Her mercy that forces one to be very strict and focused while worshipping Krsna in the presence of Radharani. So here in Mayapur, Radharani is the creator of Mayapur and Krsna has taken the mood of Radharani as Gauranga. He is Gauranga, other is Krsnanga. He is Syam, Syamasundar. But here He has taken the mood and color of Radharani. So Her mercy fully manifests. So that is why Jagannath das Babaji, he left Vrndavana and came to Mayapur, because he found that it is easier to render devotional service here. And here he received his siddha swarup, he understood his eternal relation with Radha and Krsna. So generally, grihasthas stay in Mayapur and the devotees who are vairagis, they stay in Vrndavana. But even then Jagannath das Babaji, was a vairagi, but he decided to stay in Mayapur. So now you can take your pick!

Question: Guru maharaj: Is it ok to be attached to the services that we do? Because at times we feel bad when someone else does the service. Please gurudev, let us know how we should be in such a situation? Madhusmita Induleka dd

Guru maharaj: It is not bad to be attached to your service but we shouldn’t feel bad or envious if someone else does the service. We should see how they are dong and learn from their good example and avoid repeating anything, which is a bad example.

Question: It is said that bhakti is causeless, not dependent on karma, tyaga or yoga. Here in today’s class we read that first comes knowledge, then comes bhakti and then comes detachment. On the one hand it says that bhakti is causeless but here it says first comes gyana and then comes bhakti.

Guru maharaj: You see, it is like apples and oranges. The gyana that is refereed there is gyana of the impersonal Brahman. The difference between the material world and the spiritual world. Here knowledge about Krsna is being referred to. Here knowledge about how Krsna acts, what is His position. Like Krsna said janma karma ca me divyam. My birth and activities are divine, are spiritual. So we need to know that, we need to understand that to fully appreciate Krsna. Like in his victory speech, Modi said, all the people are Janardana. Janardana has made me win! So there are zillions of unlimited universes, all those zillions of universes together, ananta living entitites, they don’t equal to Krsna. In fact the whole material world is only one fourth of the total energy and the spiritual world is three fourths and all those things combined do not equal to Krsna. And they are all emanating from Krsna. So we don’t know about Krsna. Then how will we develop our love for Krsna? So we will love something else which we think is Krsna but not Krsna. Today we see people walking around with their mobile phones. They have mobile prema, mobile ekanistha mobile priya!! So actually if we know about Krsna then we love Krsna, and if we love Krsna, then we become detached from material sense gratification. Otherwise material sense gratification will seem very sweet, very necessary. But when we are attached to Krsna, when your affection for Krsna has increased, when you are in the stage of love, then material things seem insignificant and you will naturally develop detachment. So what Lord Nityananda is expressing makes perfect sense. That knowledge is not the gyana which is discussed on the nirakara brahma. That is knowledge about Krsna. Haribol! Is that alright? You are satisfied? Satisfied customer?

With that we will end here.

So we can have a group photo.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
24 May 2019