Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

So I was ready at 6.30 but then the Land Department were taking Jagannath, Baladev and Subadhra on a boat ride around the Ganges, to Holur Ghat, Pancha Veni, to Navadvi. So they wanted me to go and send Them off and do the arati and so I went there and that is why I am late. Also Dr. Gitalaksmi and Dr. Usha, I saw them briefly. They went on a tour of Mayapur and were very tired. So, should we start with conversation between Lord Gauranga and Nityananda Prabhu? Or just have questions and answers? Who wants questions and answers? Raise your hands! Who wants Gauranga and Nityananda? Haribol! Alright!

So, Nityananda Rai fell before Lord Gaura’s lotus feet. They both tried to touch each other’s feet. So this is a new sport! Trying to touch the feet of a fellow vaisnava! And avoid your feet being touched. Nitai Gaur, They were playing this game. Each one wanted to grab the feet of the other one and did not want His feet to be touched because touching the feet is like, so when the junior touches the feet of the senior, as a vaisnava, he thinks he is subordinate to the other, so he doesn’t want his feet to be touched, but he wants to touch the feet of the other. Just like if you suddenly touch the feet of the vaisnava or vaisanavi next to you, ha! Ha! there will be a big competition!

Nityananda and Caitanya had much conversation. All the words They talked through various signs and gestures, that were not known to the others. So They could talk to each other even by slight gestures, and without saying anything. So in Their discussion, it wasn’t clear to the others what they were saying, entirely.

So the Lord asked, I am afraid to ask but from where have You arrived? From where You have made Your auspicious arrival? Subha korile vijay.

Lord Nityananda was greatly overwhelmed and He displayed the simplicity of a child. He was very restless and He spoke like a young boy.

He understood this is My Lord who has descended from the spiritual world. He folded His hands and spoke with great humility.

So Lord Nityananda felt embarrassed to hear the Lord glorify Him. So He very carefully clarified the words. He clarified the meaning of the Lord’s statements.

So the two embraced each other and They were crying and crying. Where were You They asked, looking at each other’s auspicious faces, with a smile.

I wandered the whole earth, but I could not find You anywhere. Where were You?

Nityananda Prabhu said, I went and visited many places of pilgrimage. I have seen many places connected with Krsna’s pastimes.

I could see the holy places and take bath there but I could not see Krsna. I asked from respectable people, and heard from respectable people but I could not find Krsna.

All the thrones, all the altars are covered. Dear Brother, tell Me where has Krsna gone? So Lord Nityananda, He asked, seeing all the places connected to Krsna but no Krsna, where has Krsna gone? Leaving these places vacant.

They said Krsna has gone to Gaudadesh. He was in Gaya a few days ago. And He has returned. So Krsna left Mathura mandal and went to Gaudadesh, Navadvip Mandal. He went to Gaya but again He returned to Nadia a few days ago.

I heard that He has gone to Gaudadesh to the city of Navadvip. He is hiding there! Nandakumar!

I heard there was a big Harinam sankirtan in Nadia. Someone said, here Narayana has taken His birth!

I have come her to catch that thief, I have now caught the thief! Where will You flee now? Where will You flee? Haribol! Haribol! Gauranga!

I heard that in Nadia, the sinful persons are being delivered. Therefore, I came, being a great sinner, being most sinful, so I have come here. So Lord Nityananda is saying that He heard that Lord Narayana came from the spiritual world and inaugurated the sankirtan movement in Nadia, in Navadvip, Sri Mayapur. I am fallen so I have come here to You with a desire for deliverance.

Saying these words, Lord Nityananda laughed Ha! Ha! Wept and danced. Gauranga, in great bliss danced at Lord Nityananda’s side.

Lord Gauranga said, all of us are very fortunate to have a great devotee like You, amongst us!

Today, our lives have become successful. So we have seen Your flowing tears of ecstatic love.

Lord Nityananda will crush the pride of kali yuga. He will deliver the fallen, lame, blind, etc. Foolish and everyone else.

Lord Nityananda’s power can purify the three worlds. The atheists, sinners, foolish people, they don’t know His power.

Everyone will fall into Lord Nityananda’s trap! These words were spoken by Lord Gauracandra! Oh no more today.

So someone said, what can we do to get Lord Nityananda’s mercy? So we can see from this rather what can we do to escape His mercy?!

Bol Nityananda Bol! Nitai Nitai! Nitai! People wear neck tie and if you put a tie on your knee it become knee tie. Nitai Nitai! Nitai! My knee! Nimai! Nimai! So Lord Nityananda has a transcendental trap. I was thinking this morning in the Siksastakam the Lord says, na janam na dhanam na sundarim – someone told me that Srila Prabhupada said that the sastra tells us the four purusharthas, the four goals of life – be pious, dharma, artha, get money, kama get your sense gratification and then moksa, liberation. The thing is no one is interested in dharma or moksa, they want artha and kama. Ha! Money and sense gratification. Lord Nityananda, He gives us such spiritual bliss that we are no longer interested in material wealth and sense gratification. That doesn’t mean that Krsna wants us to suffer. We can be comfortable, peaceful. If we get, dhan, wealth we should use a significant portion of it in the service of Krsna. And you shouldn’t make material sense gratification the goal of your life. Sometimes you will enjoy and sometimes you will suffer. Try to serve Krsna and tasted His transcendental mellow of devotional service. And give up desire for sense gratification. It comes without asking for it. Sometimes happiness comes, sometimes suffering comes. In Karnataka they have this new year sweet, ugadi laddoo, it has laddoo with neem leaf. Neem is very bitter and laddoo is sweet. So in the sweet laddoo you get the bitter taste of neem leaf. They say, well, oh that is life. Some sweet, some bitter. You cannot have all sweet or all bitter. Question from Melbourne! Harita Madhavi devi dasi. What does she ask?

Question: Harita Madhavi devi dasi. PAMRO Gurudev. If you come in our dreams and give an instruction, then how to go about? Also if you give some personal instruction and if there is delay in fulfilling, what to do?

Guru maharaj: If I come in your dream and tell you something, which I told you before, it is simply reinforcing the instruction. Like Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupad Thakura told Prabhupada to go to the West, and he also came in his dream many times, and told him to go to the west. So he took that as a reinforcement of the previous instruction. If you eat a big pizza feast at night, say you ate ten pizzas, I think it is not possible. Anyway. And you had a dream that the spiritual master riding a bicycle with pizzas as wheels! Probably it is due to taking too many pizzas that night! Depends what your dream is! If spiritual master asks you to do something and it is delayed, you should ask your spiritual master what to do? Otherwise, do it as soon as you can. Next question.

Question: Dear guru maharaj: PAMRO. Why does Lord Nityananda Prabhu say He is most fallen and sinful? Your unworthy servant, Jalangi devi dasi, Mayapur.

Guru maharaj: Wi Jalangi! Wi Jalangi! He is saying this to teach us, we should be humble. He is not sinful, but He says like that. But we are sinful, but we don’t say like that. That is the difference. That is why He does it. To teach us to be humble, to be truthful. Alright!

Turn around we will have a group photo.

Tomorrow we have the Jagannath Rajapur boat festival. I want to go to that. And I also want to give the class here. Will see how it is possible.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
21 May 2019

The bold letters are the missing parts of the class on 21 May 2019