Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

Lord Gauranga beholds Nityananda Prabhu! Caitanya Mangal Madhya Kanda

One day they went on the path, they chanted with great intensity, Hari Hari! Haribol! Haribol! Hari dhwani! Ulu dhwani, Hari dhwani! The hairs on Lord Gauranga’s body were standing upright. He was choked up with emotion.

From His eyes tears came streaming down, five to seven streams. He was not able to walk overwhelmed with ecstatic love. His golden hued form had no power to walk being overwhelmed by ecstatic love.

One moment He stormed like a powerful lion, and the next moment He ran like a maddened elephant, in ecstasy without looking back. Like a fresh rain cloud thundering, His deep voice resounded. Repeatedly He roared, mad with ecstatic bliss.

Murari Gupta Korca:

There is a translation of the Sanskrit:

“Accompanied by Murari Gupta and the group of bhaktas, Lord Gauranga immersed in prema ananda rasa, went to the sanctified residence of Nandan Acarya and there He saw Nityananda happily resting.”

Nityananda happily sitting.

His mind overwhelmed with transcendental bless, Lord Gaura walked. Then He saw the avadoot Lord Nityananda Rai!

Caitanya Bhagavat:

Taking all the devotees with Him, Lord Gaurasundar went to Nanda Acarya’s house.

Knowing, He went into the house.

There, was seated, one great jewel of a personality and everyone saw that His effulgence was like that of millions of suns!

No one could understand His actual mood! Being absorbed in the happiness from His meditation, He was continually smiling. Unless one sees Nityananda Prabhu with service inclined eyes, one will never understand His mood. Externally He was constantly smiling and internally He was always absorbed in the happiness of Sri Caitanya’s service.

Lord Nityananda had a slightly reddish, golden complexion. He was extremely handsome. He was decorated with glistening ornaments, which swung on His body, and graced His limbs in a very attractive manner. Nitai!

A beautiful yellow garment graced His hips and lower limbs. His head was decorated with a loosely tied turban, the color of a golden campaka flower.

Caitanya Mangal:

As He moved, the anklets on His feet jingled. Hearing that sound, the beautiful doe eyed girls’ hearts melted!

His smiling was just like the lightening that shines in the clouds. He robbed the shyness of the beautiful girls.

His deep voice was like the rumbling of the rain clouds. The mad elephants of kali yuga were subdued hearing the lion’s roar of His voice!

Like a maddened elephant He walks very beautifully and gracefully and His face is always happy. Having streams of ecstatic spiritual love flowing without stop on His cheerful face!

He was having signs of ecstatic love. The hairs of His body stood erect. Quivering, perspiration and a host of ecstatic symptoms were manifested. He was filled with the ecstatic desire of tasting the nectar of different rasas of ecstatic love.

His hand carried a golden staff, to crush and conquer kali yuga’s pride. His hands, His palms were very attractive, which were like red lotus flowers.

On His body there were various ornaments, bracelets, armlets, necklaces, and a host of jingling ornaments. On His cheeks were ear rings, like the sun, they use the word for the sun, dinamani, means like pearl of the day! Ha!

As He walked, He stumbled and fell. He got up and then again He fell! Someone said, help him, pull Him up! Then He asked the assembled devotees, where is Kanhai Gopal? Where is Kanhai Gopal? Haribol!

So He was in a divine childlike mood! Being not of this world! Sometimes, He wept, sometimes He laughed. Sometimes He pleaded with Revati, praising her and He said, give Me some honey!

One moment, with His two lotus feet, He jumped and jumped! Then He said something and did something, that no one else could understand!

The beautiful fragrance of His body, all the chaste young girls who were present, had their pride crushed or lost their pride at that time.

Thus ends the chapter of narration of meeting Nityananda Prabhu with Lord Gauuuuuranga! Nitai Gauuuuuuranga! Nitai! Niiiitai! My knee! My knee! My knee! My knee! Haribol! How fortunate were those devotees who could see Lord Nityananda! Are there any questions? Why Nitai! Wi Nitai! Is that what you say in Chinese? Wi Nitai! I love Nitai! Ha!

Question: (From Facebook). PAMRO. Why is Lord Nityananda Prabhu acting in this way? Does He want to bewilder those who don’t have faith in Him? Your servant, Anjana Gopika devi dasi

Guru maharaj: Because He is in spiritual bliss! He is ecstatic in love of Krsna. He is what He is! Avadoot Nitai! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Question: Internet question. Dear Guru maharaj, what is the significance of Lord Nityananda’s breaking Lord Caitanya’s danda? Your servant, Deepa Das

Guru maharaj: That is not today’s class. That happened much later. But after Lord Caitanya took sanyas, and He was asked by mother Saci to go to Jagannath Puri rather than Vrndavan. So outside of Jagannath Puri, Nityananda Prabhu broke His danda into three. Now since He took sanyas from Keshava Bharati, and Keshava Bharati, although a vaisnava, he had taken sanyas from the Sankaracarya school. So in those days, taking of sanyas was a type of ritual. So He had an eka danda. The vaisnavas are tri dandi. And mayawadis have eka danda. So one reason that Nityananda broke His danda into three is that He should have tri dandis not eka danda. Another reason was that since Lord Caitanya was actually Krsna Himself, He didn’t need to do any austerities like sanyas, and sanyasi is supposed to carry His danda for the first ten years. But Lord Nityananda felt that Lord Caitanya shouldn’t have to carry His danda around. So He broke it into three and threw it into the river. There may be other reasons also. We can never limit why Lord Nityananda or Lord Caitanya do something. I said whatever I have realized. But there may be more things. Lord Caitanya He ran ahead showing external anger and He ended up in the Jagannath temple and fainted in ecstasy seeing Lord Jagannath. So He was taken to the house of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. And the pastime expanded from there. Thank you Dipa. Is that Dipa from the UK? It is! Dipa from London is voted as a councilor; like a municipal councilor here, same thing. Another question?

Question: Hare Krsna guru maharaj: PAMRO. What is the age of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda during this pastime? Your spiritual daughter, Kalindi Gopikanta Priya dd

Guru maharaja: When Lord Caitanya went to perform the pindi for His father in Gaya, He was roughly about 16-18 years old and Lord Nityananda was I think about 10 or 12 years older than Lord Caitanya. But I calculated it once but I cannot remember.

(One mataji spoke about two books she had written and presented guru maharaj about the two books she has written in Latin. She is from Latvia. The book is about the architect of temples in Bengal, made of terracotta on which she and her husband have researched and made maps. Also about Lord Caitanya, Prabhupada, vaishnavism, etc. in another book.)

Those are the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I went there to Latvia and Lithuania. I did not go to Estonia. What is your name? Audaryadham devi dasi, thank you. She was initiated on Nrsimha Caturdasi in 2000.

Question: PAMRO. Lord Nityananda’s body is compared to the effulgence of millions of suns. So is it always so dazzling like that and how can we be able to have His darshan?

Guru maharaj: How He appeared to the devotees at that time was written down. And when they saw Him, they saw Him as extremely effulgent, and we know that to look at one sun is like difficult! You can imagine koti surya sama like tens of millions of suns! It is inconceivable. But the impression of the devotees was that He was really effulgent. Whether we can take it literally or not, the point is that it was overwhelming effulgence. There was a pastime when He went to Panihati, it didn’t particularly say that with the same words but He was always effulgent. Sometimes He is compared to millions of moon lights, sometimes sun. The point is that when they saw Him He was extremely beautiful, effulgent and He was filled with ecstatic love. You can understand it was an overwhelming experience for those who saw Him. Who would like to see Lord Nityananda?

Question: Sumantragopi devi dasi Lord Nityananda was wearing heavy jewellery, is there any significance or symbolic reason why He was wearing?

Guru maharaj: He was opulent. Not only was He personally beautiful, but He was wearing lots of golden jewellery. He was very opulent. But He was walking and stumbling down and He was mad in love. Where is Kanhai? Where is Gopal? Obviously He is not worried about His ornaments. He wants Kanhai, he wants Gopal! He was in the mood of Balarama. Balarama, He also wears ornaments.

Question: PAMHO, Guru maharaj said: Haribol! Please bless Ketaki. My wife’s niece.

Guru maharaj: Ketaki! Krsner mati asthu! Haribol! How long will Ketaki be here? 19th, after Nrsimha Caturdasi. Ketaki, suswagatam! What can I do for her when she is here? So she is the niece of the brother or sister of your wife? Hope you like your stay here in Mayapur. Does she also live in Pune?

(Guru maharaj was then introduced to 70 devotees from Chennai for Nrsimha Caturdasi and others who had come from other parts of South India.)

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
16 May 2019