Mukham karoti vacalam pangum langayate girim
Yat kripa tam aham vande sri gurum dina tarinam
Paramananda Madhavam Sri Caitanya Isvaram

I was thinking how yesterday, we were telling Lord Caitanya’s dream of Lord Nityananda. And Lord Caitanya went into the mood of Balaram, known as Haladhar. And He started to call out, bring the wine! Bring the wine! So I thought people may misunderstand what this is all about. Actually, Varuna sent his daughter to Vrndavan, and she came in the form of a honey like liquid, which was dripping from all the trees. This honey like liquid had a very beautiful aroma, and the whole forest of Vrndavana became very aromatic. So this Varuni liquid captivated Balaramji. Balaramji and all the gopis became to drink this liquid, together. So I will have Shyamarasika prabhu read part of this excerpt from the Krsna book and that can be added by the editors in the part where Lord Caitanya is calling for wine. Because what He was doing was imitating Balaramji drinking the Varuni. (Chapter 65, Lord Balarama visits Vrndavana, Krsna Book)

“While drinking this natural beverage, all the gopis chanted the glories of Lord Balarama, and Lord Balarama felt very happy, as if He had become intoxicated by drinking that Varuni beverage. His eyes rolled in a pleasing attitude. He was decorated with long garlands of forest flowers, and the whole situation appeared to be a great function of happiness because of this transcendental bliss. Lord Balarama smiled beautifully, and the drops of perspiration decorating His face appeared like soothing morning dew.

While Balarama was in that happy mood, He desired to enjoy the company of the gopis in the water of the Yamuna. Therefore He called the Yamuna to come nearby. But the Yamuna neglected the order of Balaramaji, considering Him intoxicated. Lord Balarama became very much displeased at the Yamuna’s neglecting His order. He immediately wanted to scratch the land near the river with His plowshare. Lord Balarama has two weapons, a plow and a club, from which He takes service when they are required. This time He wanted to bring the Yamuna by force, and He took the help of His plow. He wanted to punish the Yamuna because she did not come in obedience to His order, He addressed the Yamuna, “You wretched river! You did not care for My order. Now I shall teach you a lesson! You did not come to Me voluntarily. Now with the help of My plow I shall force you to come. I shall divide you into hundreds of scattered streams!”

When the Yamuna was threatened like this, she became greatly afraid of the power of Balaram and immediately came in person, falling at His lotus feet and praying thus: “My dear Balarama, You are the most powerful personality, and You are pleasing to everyone. Unfortunately, I forgot Your glorious, exalted position, but now I have come to my senses, and I remember that You hold all the planetary systems on Your head merely by Your partial expansion Sesa. You are the sustainer of the whole universe. My dear Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are full with six opulences. Because I forgot Your omnipotence, I have mistakenly disobeyed Your order, and thus I have become a great offender. But, my dear Lord, please know that I am a soul surrendered unto You, who are very affectionate to Your devotees. Therefore please excuse my impudence and mistakes and by Your causeless mercy, may You now release me.”

Upon displaying this submissive attitude, the Yamuna was forgiven, and when she came nearby, Lord Balarama enjoyed the pleasure of swimming in her waters along with the gopis in the same way that an elephant enjoys himself along with is many she-elephants. After a long time, when Lord Balarama had enjoyed to His full satisfaction, He came out of the water, and immediately a goddess of fortune offered Him a ice blue garment and a valuable necklace made of gold. After bathing in the Yamuna, Lord Balarama, dressed in blue garments and decorated with golden ornaments, looked very attractive to everyone. Lord Balarama’s complexion is white, and when He was properly dressed He looked exactly like the white elephant of King Indra in the heavenly planets. The river Yamuna still has many small branches due to being scratched by the plowshare of Lord Balarama. And all these branches of the river Yamuna still glorify the omnipotence of Lord Balarama.”

Today also is the Jahnu saptami. Jahnu mini was one of the great sages, he was meditating in Mayapur, one of the islands is named after him Jahnudvip. Lord Caitanya revealed Himself to Jahnu muni. So Jahnu muni was meditating saying his Gayatri in the morning and his acaman cup got swept away by the Ganges water, so he became impatient and in one gulp he drank the whole Ganges! So Bhagi maharaj was perplexed, where did the Ganges go? He wanted to take the Ganges to Ganga Sagar to liberate his forefathers, and now the Ganges had disappeared. So after some investigation, he concluded that Jahnu muni had drank the Ganges. And he was worshipping Jahnu muni and praying to him that he remanifest the Ganges. He said he was sorry that he had already digested it. Bhagi maharaj said if you were powerful enough that you could drink the whole Ganges, then you can remanifest also. So being pleased with Bhagi maharaja’s prayer he remanifested the Ganges from his body. And therefore one of the names of the Ganges is Jahnavi, the daughter of Jahnu muni. So later, Bhismadev the son of the Ganges came to see Jahnu muni, his grandfather and he stayed there for many days. Jahnu muni was very pleased with Bhismadev. Bhismadev at this place in Navadvip dham learnt the highest knowledge, and anyone who stays in Jahnudvip can also attain devotional service and the highest knowledge. Because Bhismadev obtained his knowledge here, he is known as one of the great vaisnavas. So Jahnudvip is known as the greatest deliverer. Whoever lives there is always fortunate. We have a camp site in the Jahnudvip, so anyone who stays in the camp site during the parikrama has lived in Jahnudvip and they are very blessed! So today is the day that the Ganges was remanifested. Did you go to the Ganges and bathe today? Who went? 4,5,6,7. I had some Ganges water brought to me from today. So these are special days which are particularly observed in Navadvip dham. So the ICC meeting ended at 7.45 pm. And so I had my dinner late and now it is quite late. So they went out looking for Nityananda Prabhu. So do you want to hear that tonight or we can hear tomorrow. No meetings tomorrow. No official meetings tomorrow. Alright we will read one verse.

Oh Haridas! Chalo! We will go! Go Srivas Pandit! Go and look who has come! Who will find out His whereabouts? Find out Who has come and where is He?

On the order of the Lord, these two great maha bhagavat devotees of the Lord looked throughout Nava dham and they happily searched, both Haridas Thakur and Srivas Pandit are considered maha bhagavat. Maha bhagavat means a great, pure devotee of the Lord. Bhagavan is the Lord and bhagavat is His devotee. Maha bhagavat means a great devotee. So by the will of Sri Gaurasundar, these two great souls began to joyfully search in various villages of Nava dham. They started at Sri Mayapur, to find the great personality who had appeared in Lord Gaurasundar’s dream.

So while searching in this way, the two great souls discussed amongst themselves. I understand it seems that Prabhu Sankarsana is the one who has come, Lord Sankarsana.

So in great ecstasy, overwhelmed, the two looked everywhere. But they were not able to get any indication where this great soul was and how to find Him!

They looked all over Nadia for nine hours and they returned to Lord Caitanya, not finding anyone!

The two reported to the Lord, to His lotus feet “we have not found any indication of any great soul that You have spoken about.”

We have searched the residences of vaisnavas, sanyasis and grihasthas. We have even gone to the houses of atheists. We have seen everyone.

So we looked all over Navadvip, only thing we did not go outside Navadvip dham, my dear Lord. So although they looked, they did not find anyone new or any external symptoms that were different. They had searched all over Navadvip for nine hours, at the houses of vaisnavas, sanyasis and grihastas. Even they went to the houses of atheists, who are envious of the vaisnavas! We have searched everywhere except the villages outside Navadvip.

Hearing the two report, Lord Gaurachandra smiled. By this pastime, He revealed that Nityananda is most confidential! So this is the secret of Lord Gaura’s pastimes. No one can recognize that He was Krsna immediately, and Balaram similarly, cannot be recognized. That Nityananda is also the most confidential, covered form of Baladev. Lord Mahaprabhu smiled as He disclosed the confidential mystery of Sri Nityananda to Srivas Prabhu and Haridas.

In this incarnation or avatar, some people sing the glories of Gauracandra but when they hear the name of Nityananda they run away!

If one worships Govinda, but does not respect Lord Siva as a result of this sin, he will go to the abode of Yamaraj! Ha! Ha! Ha! So we have to worship not only the Supreme Lord but His devotees, and if we have hatred against devotees of the Lord, we will be eligible for punishment by Yamaraj. So similarly if one displays a lack of respect or faith for Nityananda Prabhu, who is non-different from Baladev Prabhu, while being faithful to Gaurasundar, commits offences and it results in his misfortune and punishment. Vaishnava nam yatha Sambhu. Lord Siva or Rudra is the greatest vaisnava, He is acarya ore teacher of devotional service to Visnu. So anyone who disrespects Him does not receive any benefit. So just as the disciplic succession of Visnu Swami originates from Lord Siva, Mahadeva, pure devotional service has been propagated in this world by the mercy of Nityananda. This is a Sanskrit verse.

“One who performs worship of Lord Govinda but fails to worship His devotees should be understood to be not a devotee of the Lord, but simply a victim of false pride.”

The undivided Absolute Truth, Vrajendra Nandan and His devotees are one. Just as there is no difference between the energy and the energetic. Those who try to make a distinction between Lord Visnu and the vaisnavas have no possibility of achieving auspiciousness.

So in this incarnation, Lord Nityananda is most confidential. One can only see Lord Nityananda when He is revealed by Lord Caitanya. So the dear servants of Caitanyadev, by His mercy, understand the characteristics of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. It is impossible for conditioned souls to take shelter of Lord Nityananda’s louts feet without the mercy of Lord Caitanya. The truth regarding Lord Nityananda is revealed by Lord Caitanya. So some people are proudly advertising themselves as devotees of Lord Caitanya. But they cannot understand the confidential pastimes of Lord Nityananda. So those who are not awakened to the spiritual consciousness have no entrance in the most mysterious pastimes of Nityananda Prabhu. IGNORANT FOOLS EXHIBIT ADVERSITY TO LORD NITYANANDA! That is why they are punished by Yamaraja and ultimately received unlimited suffering! Do not be disgusted with Lord Nityananda, rather respect Him with all faith. Bhajo bhajo bhai Caitanya Nityananda, sudrada viswasa kori, Give your full faith to Caitanya and Nityananda. Two more verses.

They don’t understand how deep and great are the characteristics of Lord Nityananda. His progress is obstructed even if he achieves devotional service to Visnu. If someone who doesn’t understand and blasphemes Nityananda Prabhu’s characteristics, which is adorned with gravity as deep as the ocean, they are cheated from getting shelter at His lotus feet, and blaspheming Him, not understanding His supreme service to Lord Krsna. And even though they are constitutionally eternal servants of Krsna, they fall from that service to Krsna, or position as servant of Krsna. And ruin themselves by loitering in the material energy.

Srivas and other devotees certainly know the truth about Lord Nityananda. But for some curious reason they could not find Lord Nityananda. And there are many mysteries in the pastime of unsuccessfully searching for Sri Nityananda Prabhu, exhibited by eternally perfect associates of the Lord like Srivas Prabhu. Baladev Prabhu hid Himself and did not show His form to Haridas and Srivas Pandit. He has therefore shown that the Supreme Absolute Truth cannot be seen through external practice or designation.

Thus ends the chapter entitled devotees search for Nityananda Prabhu. Goodnight!

Anyone leaving? (Some devotees from New Panihati introduced themselves).

So tell the devotees of New Panihati that I would like to come by my doctors say I should not travel to America till August. I can come by internet! If there is any initiations, I can perform by internet. You can contact my office. In fact, if there are initiations, I can perform that by internet. You have to contact my office.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
11 May 2019