Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya..
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna …
Jaya Prabhupada…
Mukham karoti…
Om Tat sat

Is anybody here? Seems to be a fog. Lord Gauranga dreams about Lord Nityananda. I dreamt about this whole day.

When Viswambhar understand that Lord Nityananda had arrived, He became unlimitedly joyful at heart! So Lord Viswambar was very happy to hear and understand that Nityananda Prabhu had arrived. His pastimes are expanded unlimitedly by the presence of Lord Nityananda. So now that Lord Nityananda had come, He became very joyful at heart.

Previously at some point, the Lord had told all the vaisnavas some hint that there was a great soul who would come. But no one understood what He really meant. In this way, Lord Caitanya was predicting the coming of Lord Nityananda. Lord Gaurasundar had hinted to the vaisnavas that some great personality would come. But till the coming of Lord Nityananda, the vaisnavas could not grasp the meaning of Gaurasundar’s statement.

O my dear brothers, within two or three days a great mahapurush, a great personality, will come here!

By the will of providence, after worshipping Visnu, that same day, Lord Gaurasundar met with all the vaisnavas.

The Lord told everyone Himself that last night I had seen something wonderful in a dream.

A chariot adorned with a flag of a palm tree, a tal tree, expert at bestowing the people the essence of life came and this chariot stayed right at My house, at My very doorstep. So on the pretext of explaining His dream, Gaurasundar said:

“I saw Sri Baladev prabhu’s chariot adorned with a flag, marked with a palm tree, arrive at My doorstep. This chariot adorned with a flag marked with a palm tree, delivers one from the non-essentials of this material world and awards the essence of life. In this material world everything is temporary, but those who are attracted by Baladev’s chariot adorned by a flag marked with a palm tree, are eligible to be attracted by the essential objects of this world. The height of the chair adorned by a flag, marked with a palm tree, is incomparable, just as a palm tree is higher than other trees. Similarly, the mental chariot of conditioned souls is tiny as compared to the flag marked with the palm tree. The palm tree marked on top of Baladev’s chariot is adorned with fruits. Have you ever had a palm fruit? The tal fruit? Those who are in India they have had this. Others may not have had tal fruit. Tal fruit is also known as tal shash and it is a jelly like fruit. You bite it and in the center there is some sweet liquid, and it drips down your chin. So, in Chandan Nagar they have sandesh made in the shape of tal fruit. So they gave me one and they all looked at me and I wondered why they were all looking at me! I bit into the sandesh and in the centre there was liquid! And it dripped down my chin, and they all laughed ha! Ha! That was the secret of their tal fruit sandesh. Hard sandesh, you have liquid in the center! So if you go to Chandan Nagar, don’t miss this sandesh! Every place in Bengal has some sweet which is particular to that place. In Burdman district town they have this sita bhog. In Krsna Nagar they have this roll, saar bhaji. Navadvip is famous for mishit doi. Have you ever had mishti doi? So one person came to see Srila Prabhupada, he was the Presidency commissioner, and he liked the mishthi doi. He said, oh, this is very nice. So every time Srila Prabhupada sent me to see him, I brought him a clay pot of misthi doi, He was very appreciative.

Within the chariot, I saw someone who had a big, huge body, prakanda sharira, and He carried a large post or column on His shoulder, sthamba, and His movements were unsteady or He was moving constantly. So what is described here as a sthambha is actually this person carried a plough and a club. He was maddened in ecstasy with restlessness. Balaram ki jai! Nityananda ki jai! Jai Nitai!

So in His left hand He had a kamandalu or water pot, wrapped with a cane. He was dressed in blue garments and His head had a blue cloth which was decorated. So He was just like Baladev. He wore blue cloth and He carried a water pot and a cane in His left hand.

With a very colorful, beautiful ear ring, His left ear was decorated. By His characteristics I could understand He was none other than Haladhar. So Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur paraphrased this verse. The person in the chariot wore an enchanting golden ear ring on His left ear. By seeing His characteristics, I naturally thought He was absorbed in the mood of Baladev.

He repeatedly asked, is this house, Nimai Pandit’s house? Ten or twenty times, again and again, He said these words, He inquired. Is this the house of Nimai Pandit? IS THIS THE HOUSE OF NIMAI PANDIT? IS THIS THE HOUSE OF NIMAI PANDIT? So this greaaaat personality that I saw in My dream said Viswambar, He learnt Hindi in Vrndavan and when He came to My doorstep, he asked the neighbors in Hindi, ten or twenty times, does this house belong to Nimai Pandit or not? Boliye! Haribol! More more more! Haribol! Ha! Ha!

He was dressed like a great avadoot and appeared to be most powerful. I have never seen any person, any such personality before. I have never seen such an outrageous person before. I don’t know outrageous may not be the right word, but something like that.

I was filled with respect and amazement, so with great respect I asked, “what great personality are you?”

He smiled and said, I am Your brother! Ha! Tomorrow, We will meet! Ha! Haribol! So tomorrow Nitai and Gaur will know each other!

My pleasure increased by hearing these words! I consider to be equal with Him, or identical with Him. So Lord Gauranga seeing this personality, He thought I am He. That is how He felt. So His happiness increased by hearing the words of this Personality. Ha! Ha!

So while the Lord was speaking to His associates in this way, He lost His external consciousness and in the mood of Balaram, Haladhar, the Lord began to roar loudly in the mood of Haladhar. Haribol! Hariiiiibol! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Lord repeatedly cried out, bring wine! Bring wine! His cry was so loud, His loud shouting that the ear drums of those nearby were almost broken.

Srivas Pandit said, My dear Gosain, the wine that You are demanding is available only with You! Ha!

To whom You distribute that person can have it! The devotees were trembling, as they looked on from a distance. So Srivas, he was addressing Viswambar, Gaurasundar that the wine You are requesting to drink is not available anywhere else. It is only available with You. Only one who receives it – gets wine from You – can only have it.

So all the vaisnavas were contemplating, were thinking, certainly, there must be some reason for this to happen.

The reddish eyed Lord, recited poems and laughed. His body swung back and forth, like He was Sankarsana. So the particular poetry described is poetry which is spontaneously composed. And some lines have more syllables than it is supposed to have. But it is a type of song that people may create on the spot.

After a while the Lord returned to His natural, normal consciousness. A friend of Rama began to explain the meaning of that dream. So if this friend of Rama refers to Hanuman, it indicates Murari Gupta since he is the avatar of Hanuman and he explained the meaning of the Lord’s dream.

It appears to Me, I understand that this means, I think that it means, one thing. A great personality has arrived here!

Lord Caitanya said previously I had informed you that we will soon meet a great personality!

Lord Gauranga dreams of Nityananda Prabhu! Haribol! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga jaya Nitai Gauranga! Nitai Gauranga jaya Nitai Gauranga!

So after the boat festival, I intend to try my best, to take prasadam earlier and have class from 7.30 to 8.30 pm. And then those who want to stay and have some introduction or something up to 9 o clock! Then I hope to take rest by 9.30! Also, if you want to leave by 8.30 you can. So it will be easier for you to attend mangala arati. I am seeing the mangala arati through my TV. Please tell Pandava and Premanjan that they should welcome the ICC members – Sahadev had to welcome himself! Ha! It is not proper! We should welcome him! All the presidents of India have been invited to attend the ICC meeting here. So about 80 have appeared, more will be coming today. It is already 9.30.

Devotee in Bengali: I am serving in Mahaprabhu’s house, at Yogapith for the past five years. But I did not get instructions from you. Request you for some instruction guru maharaj.

Guru maharaj: What service do you do?

Devotee: Stringing garlands, washing the bhoga vessels.

Guru maharaj: Who invites you for service?

Devotee: Puri maharaj, the person who is responsible there for service.

Guru maharaj: It is good you told me and I don’t see anything bad in this service.

Devotee: So guru maharaj, I can continue to do this service?

Guru maharaj: Come tomorrow or day after and see me.

There was one introduction with guru maharaj to end.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
10 May 2019

Addendum on 11 May 2019