Nama Om Vishnupadaya…

So today we will give the class for the parikrama parties and you will also hear the class. Who came back from the parikrama raise your hands? Most of you don’t go in parikrama. You are missing the mercy! I heard that Gopa Gopika is here. She had us worried. But with all your help, she got cured! But I heard that she has to be very careful. So we are glad that Krishna heard our prayers, and she came back! So you have been experiencing the parikrama for many days now. Have you understood or realized the inner secrets of the dham? There is always more to realize. I was remembering a song of Lochanadas Thakur, the second stanza. Bhajo bhajo bhai Caitanya Nitai, sudrida vishwasa kori – please perform devotional service and worship of Caitanya and Nitai, with very strong, firm, faith. Vishaya chadiya shei raase maajhiya, mukhe bolo Hari Hari – Most of the materialists, their only goal is sense gratification. But Lochanadas das is saying vishaya chadiya – means don’t make sense gratification your goal in life! If you live in this material world you will sometimes be happy, sometimes you will be sad, with this sense gratification. The same senses which give you pleasure, also give you misery. In Karnataka they observe the new year day with a special laddoo. This laddoo is very sweet but it has a few neem leaves in it. Ha! Ha! So you taste the sweet and ahhhk…. deep inside it is bitter. So they say, this is life! Some sweet, some bitter. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are suffering. When the wind was blowing from the north in Mayapur, it was cold. Now it is coming from the south, it is hot! In Spanish they say, parasol, stop the sun! Umbrella stops the sun. So the sunlight is very intense. Some wear big hats, some carry umbrellas, some have nothing, they suffer. So in this parikrama sometimes we are enjoying prasadam, sometimes we are suffering – prasadam is late, feet hot, feet step on pebbles. So we are suffering and enjoying materially. But Lochana is saying shei raase mojhiya, that even though materially we may be happy or sad, the nectar of serving the Lord is a special rasa. And this parikrama means 24 hours you are serving the Lord. So that is a special nectar! So we want to absorb in that nectar. Mukhe bolo Hari Hari We are constantly chanting Hare Krishna! Haribol! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare! Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Even though the devotees may be sometimes physically suffering, at the end of the day we see the devotees with a smile on their faces! Because they have been enjoying the devotional service to the Lord! So that is what we want to do, taste the nectar of the Supreme Lord Caitanya, and this is a special facility you get on the parikrama, that you are constantly serving the Lord, and you can be absorbed in that bliss. I had in 1973 or so, I had a high fever. But after listening to Srila Prabhupad’s lecture in Vrndavan on Nectar Of Devotion, I was feeling so much bliss. But physically I had high fever and I was suffering, but spiritually I was very blissful! So I realized that the happiness of hearing Krishna, or hearing Krishna, or chanting Krishna’s names, that happiness is beyond the body. So we hope that all of you will be absorbed in the rasa, nectar of Krishna’s devotional service. While we are in this material world sometimes we will be happy and sometimes we will sad, we are in the body, but spiritually we should always be in bliss. Hare Krishna!

I heard that you are getting a cooling breeze! Ha! Ha!

So I am your eternal well-wisher and servant

Jayapataka Swami

Who is going tomorrow? I want to say goodbye.

For the first time guru maharaj blessed some devotees with the Jagannath stick! Haribol! He then heard devotees for about 30 odd minutes.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
14 March 2019