You are going in the middle of Shankarpur. Here from ancient times, there was the linga of Nila Loita. This was so powerful that Ravana came and took it away. He was to take it to Sri Lanka and if he took the linga there, his strength would have increased. But, this Shiva linga had a condition, that wherever He was put down, He would stay there. Then the devas planned to keep the Shiva linga there in Devagarh which is in Jharkhand. There this Shiva linga can be seen there. There are other leelas manifested in Shankarpur, but there are other devotees who will tell you about them. I believe you are all not going to Rukumpur. Let me speak something about the glories of Rukumpur. This Rukumpur is the place where Nityananda prabhu, Jahnava and Vasudha stayed. Earlier the course of the Ganges was near Shaligram but it changed to flow near Rukumpur. Now there is a temple there. There are deities of NP, Birchandra and Sita Rama as well. Here Balaram killed one demon there. This is a thirtha of Sita and Rama. If one takes bath in Kartik Purnima here, they get the benefit of 100 times bathing in Haridwar. This way Rukumpur is the northern most point of Navadvip dham. Now you are proceeding toward Bel Pukur. There is an ancient place, Bel Pukuria. There is a deity of Madanagopal there. This deity was worshipped by Nilambhar Chakravarti and Sachi mata. More or less, one thousand years old deity. Presently the Bhaktivedanta Charity Trust is taking care of this place. You go and see there, and if you appreciate the work done by Bhaktivedanta Charity Trust, then you could give some donation. There the sevite is my disciple. Nimai Krishna das. His previous name was Nimai Goswami. He is organizing your prasadam there and you could take prasadam there and donate in the donation box or give some donation in his hands. You can buy bel and other greens from there. Haribol!

I am your ever well-wisher and servant

Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
13 March 2019