Nama Om Vishnu paadaaya…
Hari Haraya Naama Krishna…
Mukham ….

Today I had some rib aching. And the doctors wanted to take an x ray to see if there was a hairline crack. So they said I should have bed rest today. So the whole day I was resting and they were checking out on the different x-ray machines and some were broken, some of the hospiutals were dirty. ACtyually, any x ray machine nearby, they rejected. WE have an ex ray machine in our clinic but nobody has any need for ex ray? Nobody needed for a couple of years, so it is now no longer functional! So they are saying that maybe I jhave to go to Ranaghat. Anyway, I went and saw the deities now and I will give one class for the International devotees tomorrow. And then short question and answer and meeting devotees and early rest!

So where is the International party going tomorrow? So, the International party will be going to the far south of the Nava dham. So that place is known as Samudragarh. It is where the ocean in some high tide came and touched Navadvip dham. So the ocean said to the Ganges, that you are blessed. The Lord, He bathed in your waters.
So the ocean said to the Ganges, that you are blessed, the Lord, He bathed in your waters. But the Ganges said you are blessed, because the Lord left Navadvip and went to Jagannath Puri and bathed in your waters! But then the ocean said you are blessed, because Lord Caitanya eternally resides in Navadvip dham. So He is always bathing in your waters! Haribol! So at this place, there is also during the past Rajasuya sacrifice of maharaj Yudhisthir, he sent his 4 brothers in four direct. Bhima went to the east and he came up to Samudragarh, and here the king was Samudra Sena. Samudra Sena thought he wanted to have the darshan of Lord Krishna. So he gave a hard time to Bhima, so Krishna will come and save him. So Bhima, he thought that everyone would be surrendering and giving their tax to king Yudhisthir, but raja Samudra Sena, he attacked Bhima with great force and Bhima was heavily, heavily, surrounded by Samudra Sena’s army, and he wondered how will I survive. So he prayed to Krishna, please help me now! So then Krishna appeared to raja Samudra Sena and when the king saw Lord Krishna, he became completely satisfied. And then Krishna turned into Lord Caitanya, and then He revealed to the king that this place is My eternal dham, Navadvip dham, and I appear here in My golden form. So then the king stopped fighting. Bhima didn’t know why! All of a sudden he stopped and he accepted Yudhisthir as the emperor of the world! Haribol! Haribol! Haribol! So you know you are leaving Koladvip and going to Ritudvip. Ritudvip has six seasons in one day. Here you will see Champahati, the garden of Champakalata. You will see Gaur Gadaadhar, you will see the Radha kunda and then you go to Vidyanagar and you see Gaura Nitai, you will go to the house of Saarvabhauma Bhattacharya and his brother. Then you will head to the camp site. So I hope you have a very, very blissful day here in Ritudvip. Haribol!

You will end up in Jahanudvip.

Question: Dear Jayapataka Swami: I am your spiritual granddaughter, Amalamohini: When there is a difficult situation in family life that brings lot of suffering, how being a mataji I can develop detachment.”

Guru maharaj: Tough question! You see the secret is to be more attached to Krishna. It is natural that we have attachment, and ladies especially may have attachment. So if we can direct our attachment to Krishna, then that will naturally make us more resilient in the face of difficulties. The married people Prabhupad said, that sanyasis should not guide them. Rather he would himself, although he was previously a grihastha, he did not advise grihastha disciples. All the details of settling their marriage disputes, he advised them to go to some senior grihasthas and take their advice. So when there is some problem in the grihastha life, it is good if you have some counsellor, that is accepted by both and then try to work out the problems. You may not be able to solve all the problems, but at least you can work with them.

Question: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, PAMHO, Thank you for your relentless service always. When the soul departs a body and it needs to take shelter of another material body, does it immediately take the next body or can it be without a body for some time? Your servant, Yugalalila devi dasi

Guru maharaj: Well, Yugalalila, sometimes a person is in what they call coma, for some time. At that time the higher authorities are trying to decide where they will go, or waiting for the appropriate body I mean appropriate opportunity to take the body they need. If a person commits suicide, then they will have to stay in the subtle platform for the period that they would live. Because there is no actual solution. The movie Ghosts is very interesting which shows how the subtle entity is frustrated because the subtle body has no senses. This one subtle body, he wanted to smoke cigarettes but he had no senses, so he became so angry that he swiped at a cigarette machine and a bunch of cigarettes fell out but he could not do anything with it. So we advise everyone please, please, please do not commit suicide especially if you are a brahmana, you become a brahma rakshasa if you commit suicide. That means the rakshasa sees other human beings as meat! Like you see the meat eaters you have the picture of the cow with lines, here are the ribs, here is this chop that chop, I don’t know, different parts, like that the rakshasas see the human beings with dotted lines. Ravana was a rakshasa, and he would eat humans. So he did not ask a blessing for humans or animals. He thought humans were insignificant, they are my breakfast! So that is why Krishna came as Rama and Balaram came as Lakshman and Hanuman and all the monkeys. He had no difference between humans, and monkeys. He asked for a boon that he could not be killed by any demon or any deva, but he did not ask for human, he said deva or demon. So Lord Rama came as a human, and a whole army of monkeys came with Hanuman, Sugriva and they fought with Ravana and his kids. But Vibheshana told Ravana that give Sita back, give her back! Why should we lose so much over this one lady? Then Ravana said, you are on their side! You go and join them! I want to enjoy Sita. This is Ravana who was a lusty fellow, lust personified. Vibheshana went to Rama and surrendered. He said that since his brother said, go and join Him, I will join Him! Ha! Lakshman said how can we trust you? You may be a spy, a double agent! Vibheshana said, I swear that I honestly want to join you. May I be a king in kali yuga, if I lie? Oh a king in kali yuga, ok, ok, ok, ayou must be telling the truth! Ha!

Question: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj, Dandavat Pranam: Haribol! What should be one’s mood while doing service in parikrama? Your servant Ramanipati das (This was a question repeated)

GM; All the vaishnavas are dear to Lord Krishna. So by serving the vaishnavas you will get special blessings from Krishna. With that mood you should serve all the vaishnavas and vaishnavis as being dear most to Krishna. Haribol!

Question: Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj:s Hareeee Krishna : How can one gain the quality of Shikshashtakam, trnad api verse in devotional like?

Guru maharaj: What is the difficulty? How you can attain that in the material life, that will be tough. But in spiritual life it is natural to be humble, to be tolerant, offer respect to others, but not expect any respect for yourself. That is the devotional mood. Not to be intolerant or puffed up and offer criticism to every body and expect everyone will glorify me – that is material consciousness. Spiritual consciousness, it is natural that we want to be humble, tolerant and we think that if we have any good quality it is simply by the mercy of Guru and Gauranga. Haribol!

So today is the disappearance day of Radha Rani devi dasi the wife of Yudhisthir das. Let us chant Hare Krishna for her spiritual progress. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare! Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! She was good in every respect.

Then guru maharaj was introduced to some disciples.

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
11 March 2019