Today we have finished three days of Navadvip parikrama. I hope that you all are like it very much. Gauranga! Nityananda! These names of Nitai Gaur if we chant, then easily we can get Krishna Prema. Today I had some pain, so that is why I could not give class in the morning for anyone. So that is why I am saying something now. Bhagavan Caitanyadev came from Goloka Shwetadwip to this material world. He then came and acquired knowledge and education and His name then was Nimai Pandit. And wherever He went, the big, big pandits used to see Him and be scared of Him. He would talk very sweetly with them. He would say that you are such a big pandit, I have a question, could you answer that for Me please? He would ask such a question, that the big pandit would be foxed. Then He would answer the question Himself and the pandit would say yes, you are right. Then He would again negate what He said and say that was not right. Then He would say that what He said was wrong and again say the one He said previously was right and then the pandit would again say that is right and defeat the pandit. Then Nimai Pandit would again defeat that answer and then say that what He previously said was right and again defeat the pandit! So that is why the pandits would see and the big pandits would run away. The vaishnavas would also run away. This Nimai Pandit would waste their time, we want to say and hear the glories of Krishna but Nimai Pandit would argue in various educational matters. Then Nimai Pandit with His students went to Gaya. There he performed His father’s shraadha ceremony and pindi daan. There He met Ishwara Puri paad and then He took the diksha mantra from him. Then he became initiated. Then He got into unlimited bhakti bhaav. The Gaya pandits and brahmanas were amazed to see Him doing kirtan! Then He thought, I will go to Vrndavan. I will go take darshan of Vrndavan Vrajeshwar Sri Krishna. He then went to Phalgu river and crossed it. Then there was a voice from the sky, that You should go back to Navadvip and start the sankirtan movement. Then You can go to Vrndavan. Then He went back to Navadvip and in between He stopped in Kanainaathshaala where He got darshan of Krishna. Krishna embraced Him. Then He reached Navadvip and became mad and was chanting Krishna, Krishna! He gave Krishna’s name and educated His student on Krishna. Then in Navadvip dham the sankirtan movement started. You are all doing parikrama in that very Navadvip Dham! That is why you are getting special mercy of Caitanyadev!

I send all of you, my well wishes to all of you.

Have one question that I have received.

Question: From Sankirtan Dharma das, Prabhupad Group, Gita Course, Qumilla: How will we experience the Dham?

Guru maharaj: We should get the blessings of Vridhan Shiva and Praudha Maya, and then we can get the mercy of the dham. This way, first we hear, by hearing we get the mercy of the dham. Then Krishna’s leela will appear before our eyes. Gauranga!

I end here.

Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
11 March 2019