Hare Krishna!

Recently I was going over my Facebook page www.facebook.com/Jayapatakaswami and I found that there is a new feature put by the Facebook. Feature tells the top fans of the page. Follower of the page who are consistent in their listening to the classes and active in the page, sharing etc. I don’t know what the criteria was. But they awarded top ten statuses to those who are active with the page. So I have 427 top fans in my Facebook page “Jayapataka Swami” Some are top fans for 3 months, 2 months and some for 1 month. I can see who all the top fans are, and I am very grateful that some devotees are utilizing my postings in Facebook for their spiritual upliftment. Since I am having various health issues, as recently I had one major surgery of transplanting my liver and kidney. So I am not able to travel like I used to. As sometimes my health fails down. So I am depending alot on the Internet to keep contact with all the followers. When I am giving live classes, you can make comments or ask questions or if needed you could write to me on my email. But in any case I feel there should be more than 427 top fans. I have 116,000 people following my page. Only 427 are dedicated top fans. Are you one of them? So the top ten fans are listed below, I don’t know if you like all the top fans to be publicly revealed as there may be some privacy issues with some. But if there is no objection then I can say who the top 427 fans are. It seems to me a new feature in Facebook, so by this I want to see who is really serious in hearing from me. Top ten are as follows:

1. Helen Brown Haridhvani
2. Vijaya Radha Devi Dasi
3. Aura Gross
4. Sarvani Dasi
5. Kaivalya Sundari
6. Jayashree Rao
7. Shyamalagopika DeviDasi
8. Yamunesvari Devi Dasi
9. Constanza Avila
10. Umesh Mohnani

This month 6 new people are added to the list of top fans. It’s not done by me but by Facebook.

I have shared my recent dream on Twitter. I’m not going to post it on Facebook so pls read it out on Twitter by visiting this given link.(www.twitter.com/Jayapatakaswami)
Also you could follow my Twitter account in order to get future short messages. Some of which might not appear on facebook and even if they do Twitter will be little earlier.

Your well wisher always
Jayapataka Swami.