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Question: The species Srila Prabhupada says, again and again from the scriptures that no species become extinct, but our modern science tells us that dinosaurs were here and now they are extinct. And all kinds of other animals are becoming extinct. So how do we accept that? We don’t see dinosaurs walking around. We don’t see any of these animals that are said to be extinct.

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Jayapataka Swami: Dinosaurs, all the different creatures they exist somewhere now.  Here maybe in the previous Kali yuga the dinosaurs were there and environment for them may have changed, so they are not on this planet. So on this planet they may be extinct but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist anywhere in the universe. Krsna said, ‘aham bija prada pita. I am the seed giving Father of all living entities.’ So the seeds of each living entity, all living entities exist they are not evolved. One species like a dinosaur doesn’t become a monkey and a monkey doesn’t become a human being. Sometimes they may joke ‘is your father a monkey?’ Ha! Ha! ‘Yours maybe, but not mine!’ Ha! She asked the mother, ‘father says we come from the monkeys?’ Mother said, ‘his side may come, not mine!’ Ha! Ha! So I mean, we are destroying the ecology and we are making it very difficult for many creatures to live. But that doesn’t mean that the species ceases to exist throughout the entire universe. On our planet we have made the situation so horrible that many creatures may die, I saw a video, at the bottom of the ocean thousands and thousands of plastic garbage were there. So how the fish will live if we dump all our plastic in the ocean? So there is a movie called Aquaman or something on the people living in the ocean dump back old plastic on the beach! Ha! This is fiction but through this picture. So each living entity the seed already exists and somehow, I don’t how, by the Prajapatis or by Brahma, when the environment is detrimental then they are being recreated and reinstalled. It is said that the earth became so disturbed by Hiranyaksa that it fell from its orbit and went down to the bottom of the ocean, the Garbodaka ocean and then Varahadeva He came and lifted up the earth. One Mahavaraha is here, Mahavaraha das! And Varahadeva He lifted up the earth and saved it! So, sometimes we are seeing now that slowly all the demons are destroying the earth. We don’t know what happens because they are taking all the oil, all the gas, the crude oil, and how is the earth going to take it – we don’t know. Fire in the middle of the earth, maybe something needed, so that fire gets gradually the petroleum, maybe, we don’t know what the result is, we are just destroying the planet without thinking of replenishing the energy or anything. So many young people are worried about this, because we are creating an undetermined future for them. So it is not far out, this happened in history that the earth fell off the orbit and all the people died, fell in the ocean and everyone dies. So Krsna had to lift the earth up and put it back in orbit. And then the creatures somehow were put back on the planet. So we may create some situation where we don’t see any more living entities of certain types or certain species on the earth, but we don’t know that in the future, they won’t come back again. Even if there are a few eggs, which are left they hatch.  The Prajapatis seeing that the earth is at some stage so they create. There are a few options. Decidedly, we should try to save all the species that are here.