Jayapataka Swami: We know there are five kinds of primary relationships with Krsna. Santa, dasya, sakya, vatsalya and madurya. So mother Saci is in the vatsalya rasa so naturally she is attached to her son. And the idea of Him taking sannyasa, naturally she wanted Him to be home, be with His wife, but Lord Caitanya had some other mission to perform in His avatar. And that time when He took sannyasa He was 24 and He had started the sankirtan movement maybe 6 or 8 years before and his father had already passed away. So Lord Nityananda had tricked Lord Caitanya to go towards Santipur instead of Vrndavana. And then He saw Advaita, He said, ‘what is He doing in Vrndavana?’ ‘Oh no, Nityananda tricked Me! I am in Santipur!’ So then He saw His mother Saci, He said, ‘actually, You have given Me birth, I owe everything to you! Whatever you order Me, I will do it.’ But she knew that if she ordered that Nimai stay home that will be a disgrace. So He had taken sannyasa, there was really nothing she could do! But Lord Caitanya wanted to go to Vrndavana. She said instead please go to Jagannath Puri because that was relatively closer and she would get some regular information and then later You go to Vrndavana for visit, but live in Jagannath Puri. But she didn’t ask Him to leave His sannyasa because she wanted the welfare of her son. And she knew that He taking sannyasa vows, if He left sannyasa and stayed at home, will be very bad for Him. So she could realize that He has taken sannyasa, so nothing I can do about it, but let Him stay a little close by. And then after ten years, Lord Caitanya came back and talked to mother Saci. He told her how her Son might come and take her offerings of bhoga, take her Krsna prasad and He would eat it and how she would sometimes see Him and think she was dreaming, but actually He was there! So like this He satisfied her in various ways. When He went to South India He had various programs, but His servant fell under the control of some gypsies. So when He came back to Jagannath Puri then He sent that servant to Navadvip because the boy couldn’t remain as His servant any longer after he had fallen with the gypsies. But he went and told everybody what Lord Caitanya had been doing the years he was travelling in South India. So like this Lord Caitanya was helping. And His mother she is not different from Yasoda, Devaki, mothers of Krsna so naturally she had motherly affection for Krsna. And Lord Caitanya is known as Sacinandana, or Sacitanai or Sacidulala or Sacikumara, so many names. But she loves Lord Caitanya and He expresses love for her as a mother. But in this avatar He has to establish the sankirtan yagna and He also has to exhibit some mellows. So thank you very much!