Jayapataka Swami: Srila Prabhupada was not encouraging giving out other books like Bhagavad-Gita for free, but in the presentation today, they said that Srila Prabhupada made an exception to BTG. That we could give BTG with Bhagavad-Gita as a special incentive. Saying that, if you had some copies left over at the end of the month, we give that to some gentleman or some library, like a prison library or college library. So that somehow we make it available, that people may read it. Srila Prabhupada said that at least one of the articles should be very thought provoking. Since in Tamil Nadu there is a big debate going on about water sharing between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, since the Kaveri goes to the Karnataka first, they somehow dam up the Kaveri and divert most of the water to Karnataka. So apparently they made some article about sharing water, from a Krsna conscious point of view. So one of the government officers said, ‘oh, I want to read that article because it is very interesting.’ Srila Prabhupada would take up a mundane topic of the day and give some Krsna conscious perspective. So they are trying to do that with BTG. So if you have some copies left at the end of the month, you can give them to some gentleman or woman or you can give them to some library. I forget one place, I heard that they give out a set of seven books. They call it the Sapta Rishi and some of the books are free for the package and they are very low price. So you could have some package like that, but you can also have BTG included. Sapta Rishi, six headed Kartikeya. Siva is Panca mukhi, Murugan is called six headed, Arumugam.