Jayapataka Swami: You see, Bhisma Pancaka is we chant some mantras which says that Bhisma was a brahmacari his whole life. So we do tarpana in the Ganges for Bhismadeva. Because he had no son so we all take the position of his son. We all offer tarpana and we offer various prayers. So that is very nice and can be observed in Mayapur. In other places, it can also be observed. If we chant three times Ganga GANGA! GANGA! GANGA! then we get the same effect as bathing in the Ganges. So better to be here and bathe directly in the Ganges. But if we cannot be here, then you can chant the name of Ganga, you can observe the diet, the fast. And you can offer flowers to the different parts of Krsna. Every day, one day is lotus feet, one day is the knees, one day is the abdomen. One day is chest and then the face. You can do that. Here it is easy. Other place when you have to do it somehow. But nice to be here! But if you cannot you can still observe it as I said. And in the Haribhakti Vilas it is mentioned that how much credit you get is incalculable! So the six goswamis recommended this in the Haribhakti Vilas. Since I am a sugar patient I take the havishanna, but otherwise I was taking the fruits and roots. And I see most devotees take fruits and roots.