Jayapataka Swami: Tip! How much do I get for the tip! So it is an open secret! So we make one step to Krsna, He makes ten steps to us. We should try to make those steps. For that we can pray to Krsna, we can pray to guru and we can do the puja to the Tulasi devi. Now I saw in cold places like Sweden, Russia, Poland, outside two feet of snow, -20 or -30 deg C but inside they are having Tulasi! They have some ultra violet lights, spraying water on Tulasi and they worship Tulasi. Now we don’t have that difficulty. Everyone can have Tulasi in their house. They do that even with so much difficulty, but you can do it so easily. So we should do whatever we can and pray to Krsna, please have mercy on us! That we think that, by guru’s mercy we have such a great opportunity, that we can somehow make advancement to Krsna. Krsna wants us to go back. We are dragging our feet. We are delaying. Like there was a question from the youth earlier, material nature offers us so many distractions. Now just as material nature is offering us distractions, spiritual nature is offering us opportunities. So we should take the opportunity, take anything that is useful for bhakti. Everything that is negative for bhakti we should reject it. Very simple! Just like a businessman, whatever is good for his business he does it and whatever is not he rejects it. But increase your wealth of spiritual assets. And protect it and increase it. So it is easy to have a devotional creeper, just water it with Harinam, and protect it from any offenses. Hare Krsna!