Jayapataka Swami: You see; someone was asking how to have faith in the scriptures. How to know the Lord is hearing our prayer? These were some of the questions that came today. In our conditioned state, we are not able to see Krsna or hear Krsna, but we can hear the guru, we can see the guru. So initially, that is why we have a guru. Then when we reach the plane of liberation, the guru introduces us to some associate of the Lord, who will take our training from there. So the guru remains like an old friend, but he is to bridge us, from this material world to the spiritual world. Once we are able to see Krsna, the guru, he is there he will come when we need him, but at that time we don’t need him so much. But in the material world, we need a guru to guide us what to do, what not to do. And everything he says is based on what he heard from his guru and also what the sastras say, and also the lives of great devotees. That is called sadhu, sastra and guru. Just like if you go directly and plead to the Supreme Court, but since we don’t know the law perfectly, it is not recommended. You have to take a lawyer and the lawyer will plead in the High Court or Supreme Court. So like that we need a guru, he is also like a lawyer, and he bases things on the sastra, his guru and lives of great devotees. So because he is completely absorbed in serving Krsna, therefore he is considered to be non-different, he is serving the Lord and the Lord is the served Lord.