Jayapataka Swami: You see someone looked through the window when Srila Prabhupada started preaching in New York in the store front in Matchless Gifts. He saw Prabhupada waving his hands and speaking very emphatically. He thought there must be a big crowd there. He opened the door and went in. But there was no one there! NO ONE! ONLY PRABHUPADA! ‘Prabhupada, there is no one here!’ ‘No,’ Prabhupada said. ‘There is Narada muni, so many different devas.’ When you are doing outreach program don’t think oh, only a few people came. All the devas, all the great souls, they are present to watch you preach! Prabhupada, he preached like that, but he attracted so many souls to come. Years ago when we came to the Hyderabad temple, few people, 20-30 people would come for the class. Look how many people are here now! So we should be determined to keep spreading the message and more and more people will understand that we are very sincere. We should not be attached to the fruits of our work. We should think how we can improve, how we can bring more people, we should not be discouraged. Maybe some years ago Radheyshyam prabhu had a few students, but in Mayapur recently he brought 900 students!