Jayapataka Swami: Yes! That should be your standard! You can see the standard in the temple, and if you are able to maintain that standard, then that is uttama! But if you are not able, then you make some alternative program and stick to that. In the temple worship they go by the clock, but that is not always possible for grihastas, sometimes one of the children may get sick or there is some late night preaching program. So the system for home worship is that the person who is in charge of the worship does not eat until the deity is worshiped. Of course, some people don’t have the installed deities. They are doing the practice, but they try to establish some similar system. One time Srila Prabhupada went to a grihasta’s house and he was waiting in the waiting room. So then the servant went and informed the house owner and he came back. He told Srila Prabhupada, ‘babu puja karta hai,’ babu is doing puja. Srila Prabhupada was dissatisfied and he said when a guru or a pure devotee comes to the house that is more important than the puja. And the grihasta should have held his puja and come to receive Srila Prabhupada. So there are different rules for grihastas and it is not possible to go through all those details here.